Tales of Startup Inspiration: Keeping It Real, Keeping It Free


After explaining the idea behind swapit and why we launched it as an invite-only beta, I’d like to talk a bit about why we are keeping it free.

Back in March I was pitching swapit to the vetting committee of the British Chamber of Commerce’s Business Angel Programme. It was a great experience. While being only 2 months into our invite-only beta at that time, I didn’t have all the right answers to their Q&A and therefore, we didn’t make it past that vetting process. We will be back there though, definitely! Anyhow, their feedback was absolutely great and one in particular was very interesting.

“How do we make sure people use swapit instead of Facebook Groups, AsiaXpat or other forums online that are free?”

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Hong Kong’s First Blockchain Hackathon: What to Expect at HackCoin 2015


Hong Kong’s startup scene is still very young and too few computer science graduates decide to build something of their own or join a small young team that truly wants to change the world. However, one amazing thing about Bitcoin is that it is permission-less. Anyone can build applications the way they are used to by downloading the necessary code and running it on their own machine; not by filling out application forms and waiting for approval. While Bitcoin and encryption at large is perceived to be complicated, many frameworks already exist that make developing on top of it easy and safe. We need to create opportunities for young coders to build on top of this technology and show how quickly the applications for the next generation of financial services can be developed.  We need a blockchain 2.0 hackathon.

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5 Questions With Anita Chan, Co-Founder of ‘Sam the Local’


It’s super easy to book flights and places to stay online – but what do you do when you get there? Hong Kong startup Sam the Local wants to help you to find the best things to do when you get to your next destination.

Anita Chan (pictured on the left, Maggie Lau on the right) relocated to Hong Kong from California, and prior to Sam the Local, she worked at a consumer products companies doing communications, project management, and regional marketing.

Now she is excited to be involved in the Hong Kong startup community, building something she is passionate about. We sat down with Anita to find out who exactly Sam the Local is…

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