Founder Cedric Delzenne Shares “20 Things I Learned as a First-Time Entrepreneur”


We’re very happy to start running these personal profiles from Hong Kong entrepreneurs to share their stories with the local community. We’ve known Cedric Delzenne since the beginning of StartupsHK and we’re very honoured to have him talk about his experiences in running a startup.

Note from the guest author Cedric Delzenne: The following tips are based on my experience launching and running for nearly 4 years. Comments and different opinions are of course most welcome!

1. Be very clear about your personal goals

Running a 1-person online education business is not exactly the same as developing Udemy. There is no good or bad, and both can be profitable.

However as a founder you need to be clear and honest with yourself and others: are you launching a business to be your own boss and manage your schedule the way you want, or to build the next big thing (that hopefully you will be able to sell in a few years)? Your answer will impact your life for the next 10 years.

Also don’t only do it for the money. Chances for you to become rich in a few years are very slim. You will most likely experience a few highs and a lot of lows before having a multi-million dollar company, so choose an industry and a concept that you are truly passionate about.

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Inside TechinAsia’s First Hong Kong Meetup Featuring Southeast Asian Startups Payroll Hero and GrabTaxi

How to startup in SEA

Silicon Valley is unarguably the Mecca of the tech world, but many entrepreneurs are now recognizing the untapped potential in Southeast Asia and setting up their startup headquarters there.

In its first meetup event organized in Hong Kong, TechinAsia brought together entrepreneurs behind two successful start-ups based in Southeast Asia to discuss the dynamics and development of the start-ups space in this region:  Steven Jagger, founder of Payroll Hero and Anthony Tan, CEO, GrabTaxi.

Payroll Hero’s website describes it as a startup that enhances payroll administration with image recognition technologies. Explaining the reason behind the startup germinating in Manila, Jagger said, “We are here because Southeast Asian markets are a huge opportunity: cloud computing is becoming acceptable, the cost of internet and data is coming down. All this is happening right now.”

He further added that since his business model is such that payment for services is made per employee, it helps that the company is located in the Philippines where the employee counts are high.

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Congrats to Hong Kong Hardware Startup EzeeCube; Now Fully Crowdfunded on Indiegogo


EzeeCube, a stackable media hub that syncs, stores and manages your content, has been fully funded on Indiegogo!

31 days into their campaign, EzeeCube reached their goal of US$75,000 after having their project covered by Engadget.

Now, our homegrown hardware startup is plunging ahead for their next objective: raise up to $125,000 – $150,000 by campaign’s end. Click here to back EzeeCube now! Having already raised over $110,000 – the EzeeCube team plans on incorporating new perks such as the ‘Retro Player’ which is a stackable element compatible with Sega Genesis and Nintendo SNES cartridge games (if $125,000 is raised) and Chromecast support (if $150,000 is raised).

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