The Future Past Will Be Televised: Video from Startups of Future Past Now Available


Happy Friday startup community! For those that missed our final big event of the year ‘Startups of Future Past’, which was a part of Hong Kong’s very epic Startmeup Week 2014, we’ve got you covered.

As our startup scene (alongside StartupsHK and our co-founder Gene Soo) turned five this year – we wanted to put together an event captured the past, present and future of Hong Kong’s ecosystem. Besides taking a stroll down memory lane with a batch of startup pioneers, we treated the audience to pitches from six of Hong Kong’s hottest startups – and put together a diverse panel of futurists that predicted what was to come.

For those that prefer text, read our ‘Round-Up of Our Final Big Event of the Year ‘Startups of Future Past’- Part of StartmeupWeek 2014 article. It’s got a recap of each panel as well as tweets and Instagram posts from our community as the event unfurled.

For those that want the full video recap, check out our videos below!

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StartMeUpHK Week 2014: Taking the Hong Kong Startup Scene to New Heights


It’s an understatement to say that Startmeup Week 2014 was a doozy. With 48 events for entrepreneurs, hackers, investors, innovators, techies and the like funneled into 5 days, we all needed a little R&R by the end of the weekend (where people had to choose between Startup Weekend and Barcamp).

The events, which ranged from a co-work space soft launch to a symposium for Hong Kong’s sustainable future, were all in honor of the StartmeupHK Venture Programme that came to a close last week. The InvestHK-run competition has a two-pronged approach: give startups a chance to scale their business in global markets using Hong Kong as a base, and raise our city’s profile as an Asian hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. This year, the program pulled in 550 applications from 47 countries – up from 384 entries from 39 economies last year.

While Hanson Robotics represented for Hong Kong in 2013 as one of the ‘Grand Award’ winners, Freightos and Scoutbots (both from Hong Kong!) stepped up this year. The winning teams get support in the ways of professional services (accounting, legal, branding etc.), mentorship and free workspace – the latter of which is extremely valuable in a city with such soaring rents.

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Round-Up of Our Final Big Event of the Year ‘Startups of Future Past’ – Part of StartMeUp Week 2014

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How was your Startmeup Week 2014? Hong Kong’s ecosystem collectively pulled out all stops to showcase technology and entrepreneurship last week, as our city hosted a dizzying total of 48 events in just 5 days.

Our final big event of the year ‘Startups of Future Past’ last Wednesday was a huge success, with over 200 startup supporters in attendance to celebrate three very important birthdays. While our own Gene Soo turned 21 once more, StartupsHK and the Hong Kong startup scene turned 5 this year. ‘Future Past’ served as a look back to 2009 and a forward glance at 2019, and we also introduced six of 2014’s hottest startups.

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