Cyberport Launches Smart-Space 3F: A 27,000 Square Foot Co-Working Space with Room for 134 Startups

For digital and tech startups looking for a home, Cyberport has just opened the doors to its new co-working space.

The 27,000 square feet Smart-Space 3F is a stunning government facility that has the capability of housing 134 startups. Smart-Space 3F has 46 offices ranging from 2-12 person occupancy, 32 flexi-spaces (hot desks) and 24 work stations (dedicated desks).

Besides boasting a panoramic sea view, 3F’s affordable prices are another attractive feature. Two-seater offices go for HK $5,000/month, larger offices average $2,500/month per room seat (depending on size), dedicated desks are at $1,500/month while hot desks will only set tenants back $800/month.

“It’s ideal for a very, very early stage startup. Local startups and overseas entry companies are our target markets,” said Cyberport’s COO Mark Clift. “Overseas companies want to expand to Asia and they’re attracted by the China market. For a lot of companies, it’s difficult because they don’t understand China and they’re weary of long term commitments – so the flexi-space gives them a good entry point.”

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Get HK$100,000 in Funding for Your Startup: Applications for the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund Now Open


If you’re a young upstart with a great idea but not many resources, the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund might be the place to start.

The CCMF is a seed fund for creative and innovative tech startups still in their idea phase. A HK $100,000 grant will be given to successful applications to be used in a six-month period of proof of concept and prototyping. The deadline to apply for the CCMF is October 15th at 5pm.

Here’s a sampling of the types of startups that have benefited from the fund:

CashYou: a mobile app allowing for person-to-person payment through NFC, QR Code or online
ZeusControls: an automated system that controls at-home devices by detecting and learning from a person’s movements and usage habits

For those startups that have already determined that their target market is the Mainland, the CCMF also runs a ‘cross-border programme. The ‘Hong Kong – Guangdong ICT Young Entrepreneur Program’ is in support of youth between the ages of 18-30 who are still in university or are within three years of graduation. Program offerings include fostering startup connections between Hong Kong and the Mainland and business skills training.

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Uber and AirBNB Share their Thoughts on the ‘Sharing Economy’ on 22 September in Hong Kong

collaborative consumption
Airbnb, an apartment-sharing platform, and Uber, a peer-to-peer payment ride service, are both startups-turned-global companies contributing to the ‘sharing economy.’ Otherwise known as ‘collaborative consumption,’ the sharing economy is essentially built around the core values of people sharing their resources with one another.

While Airbnb expanded into Asia back in 2011, Uber arrived a little later on the scene early this year and the two companies have been transforming the way we travel and the way we interact with one another since.

Moderated by legislative councilor (IT) and founding chairman of ISOC HK Charles Mok, the event will feature a dynamic panel that will include:

  • Mike Orgil, director of public policy for Airbnb
  • Henek Lo, managing director (Greater China) for Airbnb
  • Sam Gellman, head of asia expansion for Uber

A few questions that the panel will tackle: is Hong Kong an ideal environment for collaborative consumption, and if it is – what is the growth potential? What kinds of challenges (such as regulation) might a startup with a peer-sharing business model have in a place like Hong Kong?

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