Startup Hiring: Building an Edge

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Startups do not have many ways to build a strong competitive advantage in the early days. But startup hiring is one area where this is possible because the hiring process at most large companies is broken. If your startup can build a superior hiring process, this will be a strong competitive edge.

Don’t Outsource Hiring
Hiring top talent is a core skill that startups need to possess and core skills should not be outsourced. That means allocating enough time during the week for actual hiring. If hiring is a top priority, which is usually the case in every startup, then a minimum of 25% of at least one senior person’s time should be spent on hiring. This can include online research, content marketing and in person activities but there is no way to avoid having to invest significant time into hiring if you want to do it right.

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The Tech in Asia Tour Comes to Hong Kong on 10 March 2015

Tech in Asia goes to Hong Kong

Just a quick reminder that you have 1 day left to submit your pitch to join the Tech in Asia Pitch Day on March 10.

This is a great deal for Hong Kong startups, as the winner gets flown in and put up in Singapore during Tech In Asia Singapore 2015 (formerly known as Startup Asia Singapore 2015) and Hong Kong startups Lots of Buttons and Bindo won the past two years so lets keep the winning streak going by taking the grand prize 3 years in a row against all the other startup communities in Asia!

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DBS is Bringing Their Hackathon to Hong Kong this March – All Participants will be Paid!

DBS Hackathon

UPDATE: An info session will be held at Garage Society this Friday 13th Feb

On March 4 to 6 of this year, DBS will be bringing DBS Hackathons to Hong Kong for the first time. After last year’s undoubted success in Singapore, the DBS Hackathons are back – bigger, better and with more gateways to success for the participants.

This time, the organisers – DBS Bank along with innovation and data-challenge organiser, Ideatory – have issued a simple yet emphatic call to mobile solution app developers wanting a chance to make inroads into the bustling fintech scene: come take part and MAKE IT BIG!

This year’s Hackathons will take place in Singapore (Feb 25 to 27) and Hong Kong (March 4 to 6), before the Megahackathon back in Singapore from March 25 to 27. Why “mega”? Because it will be done at a scale larger than all the preceding hackathons.

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