Snaptee’s Co-Founder Wai Lun Hong Talks Future Partnerships and Gives Advice to Mobile Startups

Wai Lun

Last month, mobile startup Snaptee celebrated reaching 1 million t-shirt designs by announcing an app partnership with Manga Camera. The popular cartoonifying camera app, which reached 1 million downloads within its first week of release, will be Snaptee’s first beta partner.

We had a chat with co-founder (and brand new father) Wai Lun Hong and he talked about his startup’s success and the types of partnerships that Snaptee users can expect in the future.

“In the upcoming year, we want to focus more on partnerships,” said Wai Lun. “One of the things we want to launch is partnerships with game companies, focused on games that have amazing graphics of characters. We want to help them further monetize their artwork”

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Carshare.HK’s Chris Yeung Shares Startup TV Show Experience and Benefits of Car Sharing in Hong Kong

A couple weeks ago, a Shark Tank-esque TVB show called “I Am a Boss” came on our radar.

One episode in particular featured Hong Kong startup Carshare.HK, so we reached out to co-founder Chris Yeung and marketer Joyce Kan to get the skinny on their reality TV show experience.

After applying for the show, Chris and Joyce told us that the Carshare.HK team went for two rounds of interviews before being invited to join an episode of “I Am a Boss.”

Chris says that while the show has been a great opportunity for a startup like Carshare.HK to gain exposure and additional funding of HK$20,000, he said the judges needed to take a harder edge with startups. “The judges were all too nice, and everyone got money basically. They would say ‘we think you’re not ready, but you’re a passionate guy so we’ll still give you the money.’ We spoke to the production crew and told them we thought it could have been tougher.”

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Rebecca Fannin says Silicon Dragon Hong Kong 2014 is ‘Focused on Innovations in Technology and Finance’ on 15 April

Silicon Dragon
Silicon Dragon Hong Kong 2014 is just around the corner! The Cyberport-hosted event will feature a record of 25 speakers this year hailing from Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Shenzhen, New York and of course Hong Kong. Refer to last week’s story for a complete list of speakers.

There are only a handful of tickets left – click here to register and make sure to enter in the promo code SiliconDragonHKPartner to get 20% off the standard price.

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