The 500 Startups Accelerator Experience


With so much attention being paid to startup accelerators over the last several years, entrepreneurs are clamouring to earn a spot in top tier programs as a first step for their startup. Our base city of Hong Kong has also seen an uptick of local accelerators, many of which are dedicated to specific focuses such as B2B, hardware or fintech.

Ever since Shopline returned from the 500 Startups accelerator last summer, I frequently get asked several general questions regarding our experience. I will devote this post to answering a few of them.

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Tales of Startup Inspiration: The Invite-Only Beta


In my previous post I explained why we created swapit and what is the idea behind swapit. At the moment, swapit is an invite only beta (request your invite here: and sometimes I am asked why we are running a beta. So I’d like to talk a little about the rationale behind that.

For many years, I am in the app business and except for some very few local apps; we launched hundreds of apps for the global market. These ranged from productivity, photography, multimedia, educational over to mostly productivity apps as well as some games. They had one thing in common: all of such apps were not targeted to a specific location. Therefore, we did not have a targeted Hong Kong-audience we could address at the point of launching swapit. [Read more...]

5 Questions With Camilo Paredes, Co-Founder and CEO of Grouvly


UPDATE: Grouvly will have its invite-only launch party on April 22nd 7-9pm @ a secret location. Here’s how to get an invite. – FULL HOUSE

Grouvly’s Co-founder & CEO Camilo Paredes is a young serial entrepreneur in tech industry with years of experience in emerging markets. Before Grouvly, he co-founded, a Rocket Internet Venture in Latin America, and Duriana, a C2C Mobile Marketplace in Southeast Asia. His passion for building things from scratch, solving complex problems and the desire of controlling his own fate made him start his entrepreneurial journey.

Having backpacked in Asia for 5 months, Camilo saw a unique opportunity in Asian markets, reason why he decided to stay. After building up Duriana from scratch, Camilo embarked to start the Grouvly concept and launched it in Hong Kong in early January 2015. The company secured US$ 200,000 seed funding from international investors within 4 weeks since its launch.
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