15 Hong Kong Entrepreneurial & Technology Networking Groups You Should Know in 2014


As 2014 is just around the corner, and you’re planning your New Year’s Resolutions – we’re sure that every entrepreneur has “more networking” on their list of things to do more of in 2014 in Hong Kong – so we’ve compiled a handy list (that we plan to keep updating) of the different meet-ups, associations and communities that revolve around entrepreneurship and technology outside our own StartupsHK group so that you may find other people to network with on your startup journey.

There are a variety of entrepreneurial groups that are readily offering weekly and monthly meetups and talks, with you ( the new or seasoned entrepreneur), in mind – we’ve compiled a list of 10 entrepreneurial groups you should get to know while you’re building a company in Hong Kong:

#1 Clean Tech Tuesday 

Among the many global tech networking events that connect entrepreneurs, this one is for those passionate about the future of clean and green. Featuring 3-4 speakers per monthly event, Clean Tech Tuesday’s events delve into the possibilities and latest developments in clean tech innovations.



#2 The Entrepreneurs Club 

The Entrepreneurs Club is one of the longest running English-speaking entrepreneurial groups in Hong Kong. In support of both established entrepreneurs and fledgling upstarts, the E Club provides group health insurance, regular talks, workshops and social networking events – with an impressive track record of iconic entrepreneurs on their past speaker list.



#3 Web Wednesday

As Asia’s burgeoning networking community for digital startups that has chapters in Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai, Web Wednesday holds vibrant monthly networking events featuring speakers from the internet industry who speak about the latest developments in the digital arena.



#4 Baker Tilly Hong Kong 

Not only a reputable accountancy and business advisory in Hong Kong, Baker Tilly is also an active sponsor within the startup community. Collaborating with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Baker Tilly helped run a “From Seed to Exit” series to help bring startups through the early stage threshold towards possible exit strategies.



#5 Codeaholics 

A self-organised group for local coders, hackers and developers that get together to talk code, code and code. A community for learning and professional development within the web and mobile realm, Codeaholics also hosts monthly meet ups open to those long addicted to coding or those new to software development.


#6 Mobile Monday 

A global tech networking event that keeps mobile-enthusiasts in the know. With chapters in over 100 cities spanning 50 countries, Mobile Monday (also known as MoMo) gathers tech, marketing and academic leaders to facilitate discussions on topics running the gamut from mobile music to mobile search.



#7 The Entrepreneurs Network “TEN” 

The Entrepreneurs Network, or “TEN” is a non-profit association that offers networking opportunities thanks to its diverse membership. Aside from a large peer network and support channel, members of TEN can also take advantage of training courses, workshops and seminars tailored for entrepreneurs seeking angel or VC funding.



#8 OpenDataHK 

Welcoming any engaged citizen to join their ranks of volunteers, members of ODHK believe in government transparency and want to open up their data for public use. Analysts, researchers, techies, public servants and those curious about the Open Data movement meet every three weeks to chat about how they can make a difference.



#9 SME Creativity Center 

The SME Creativity Center (SCC) is non-profit initiative looking to give growing companies a leg up in exploring creativity, ideation and innovation. Although any SMEs are welcome, the SCC holds workshops mainly focused on refining the design and creative processes of digital, IT and manufacturing companies on topics such as “brand building,” and “UX design.”



#10 Startup Grind

Originating from Mountain View California, this monthly meetup features local founders, innovators, educators and investors who pay it forward by sharing their startup journeys around the tech industry. We’re currently working on starting a chapter in Hong Kong so stay tuned for the city’s first Startup Grind in January with co-hosts Joshua Steimle and Amity Wu.


#11 TiE HK

Founded in Silicon Valley in 1992, TiE boasts a wide range of programs including its flagship event TieCon – the world’s largest professional conference for entrepreneurs. Within its Hong Kong Chapter, TiE HK is host to the ThinkYoung Entrepreneur School in conjunction with the University of Hong Kong to foster the next generation of young founders.

#12 Startup Weekend HK

Startup Weekend is exactly what it sounds like: a whirlwind weekend where engineers, designers and ideas people come together to build the foundations of a startup within 54 hours. A non-profit headquartered in Seattle, this global grassroots movement has spawned over 400 events in 100 countries since 2011.
Startup Weekend

#13 HackJam

Hosted by Dim Sum Labs (Hong Kong’s hackerspace) HackJam is a weekly Tuesday night meet up for the local hacker, artist and techie community – or even those curious about the maker movement. The space is stocked with Linux-running PCs, electronic parts and Arduinos and even a 3D printer – if you can figure out how to use it.
(photo by 李思明 / flickr)

#14 StartwareHK

New meetup alert! StartwareHK is a spin-off of StartupsHK, except it’s focused specifically on the local hardware startup scene. Led by one of our co-founders and Makible founder Jon Buford, details of the next meetup are coming soon, so follow @JonBuford on Twitter for updates.


# 15 Drink Entrepreneurs

If the idea of a formal networking event makes you sweat, DrinkEntrepreneurs might just be the meetup for you. A monthly event where entrepreneurs connect within a laid back environment, the aim of DrinkEntrepreneurs is to make networking as painless as having an after work beer with friends.


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