Where Are They Now: Updates from the Startups at Startup Saturday: Crowdfunding 2014


According to a world report released at the end of 2013, crowdfunding in China could blow up to US $46-$50 billion in the year 2025 – 50% of which is expected to be funneled into backing startups and businesses around the world.

As Asia begins to share its own crowdfunding success stories, It’s suffice to say that our view on fundraising and supporting startups has changed drastically in a few short years. Following our Startup Saturday Crowdfunding 2014 event back in January, we have a few exciting updates to report in the Kickstarter and crowdfunding for equity arenas.

In the month of March alone, two Hong Kong startups successfully funded their Kickstarter projects. While Greenbulb raised over HK $10,000 for XStylus; their ergonomic Nintendo DS Lite pen, Combo Studio raised almost $40,000 for ComboZip; a hybrid bracelet that offers high speed charging and external memory. As a pair of independent design houses, Greenbulb and Combo Studio are exemplary of how cool new products can quickly get funded en masse.

In the crowdfunding for equity space, Bigcolors just helped Oddup raise $25,000 for a 5% stake in less than one day. Interestingly enough, Oddup is also in the crowdsourcing business – except it tracks global trends to help angel investors determine whether a startup will succeed or fail. Working out of Istanbul, Turkey at the moment – Oddup is looking to base themselves out of Hong Kong and will be making the move in a few months.

Also, crowdfunding platform Fund2.Me also has made strides. Hong Kong-French startup The Chinese Timekeeper raised over US $30,000 for their new watch collection – reaching two-thirds of their original goal in just 10 days. Along with adding fitness wearable-makers DigiCare to their reward campaign list, Fund2.Me has also mobile payments startup Mobexo on the equity campaign side and has successfully funded seven projects with US $170,000 to date. Read our past coverage on Mobexo and Digicare.

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