5 Hong Kong Crowdfunding Platforms You Should Know

At this point, you’ve likely backed a project or a cause via Kickstarter or Indiegogo and agree that crowdfunding is a great way to virtually collaborate a project’s funding or even purchase equity in a startup.

In anticipation of this weekend’s Startup Saturday: Crowdfunding 2014 on January 25, we wanted to highlight five Hong Kong platforms that are currently innovating in the crowdfunding space.

Register for this event here, and continue reading for more information on some of the players now working in the Hong Kong scene.

#1 Colony88

Colony88 is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows a group of investors to pitch in and fund a startup. Inspired by the ingenuity of the startup community and frustrated by the barriers to funding, Colony88 is helping early stage companies establish a network of investors while securing capital. Check out our 5 questions with Colony88 founders here.


#2 Bigcolors

Bigcolors also wants to play matchmaker between startups and investors, except it does it via a trading platform. While a regular investment requires buying stock that won’t exit and realize value for 24-28 months, Bigcolors enables investors to sell their stake within 60 days – when the startup has successfully raised its targeted funds. Check out our 5 questions with the co-founder of Bigcolors. 


#3 Welend

Welend is an online community for peer-to-peer or social lending. While benefits for the borrower include low interest rates, perks for lenders are attractive rates of return. By cutting out the expensive middleman, Welend makes being altruistic and securing personal loans a whole lot easier.

#4 Crowdbaron

Crowdbaron is a crowdfunding platform for real estate investment, which makes buying property as simple as booking a hotel online. The idea is collaborate with other aspiring landlords in funding a real estate project in any international city and when the property is sold, you’ll be sent a share of the profits. Check out our 5 questions with the founder of Crowdbaron.


#5 Fund2.Me

Fund2.Me is a crowdfunding platform that allows for both rewards and equity-based projects. While offering global and tax-free rewards campaigns, Fund2.Me also allows lets startups sell or franchise their ideas in a marketplace. This multi-faceted platform not only lets investors participate in online equity fundraisers and also offers a Crowdpower program which draws from a global pool of industry professionals to build startup teams. Startbase Profile


There will be a 6th one launching next month called EastFunding.co and will be an Angel.co for Hong Kong with syndicates formed to invest in startups. More on that when it launches.

Colony88 on Startbase.HK: Colony88
Bigcolors on Startbase.HK: Bigcolors
Welend on Startbase.HK: Welend
Crowdbaron on Startbase.HK: Crowdbaron
Fund2.Me on Startbase.HK:Fund2.Me

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