5 Questions with Nishant Kapoor of PetProject.HK


Nishant Kapoor, Director of PetProject.HK and a busy dog owner, found that it was very inconvenient to keep a pet if you did not have any time or had limited access to a pet shop.  Therefore he started PetProject.HK, a very thoughtful and loving online pet shop.

What is your startup?
PetProject.HK is an online retailer that connects Hong Kong pet lovers with their favourite pet products and the best prices online in HK. We also feature local pet experts in our blog and newsletters to create an all-encompassing online resource for all things pet related in HK.

How did you come up with this idea?
As the busy owner of a dog in Hong Kong, Nishant realized that getting food, treats, flea treatments and toys to his house was difficult without a massive effort on his part; it was turning into a full-time job. If Nishant could find a shop that was still open when he finished work, he had to lug huge bags of dog food back to her apartment. Nishant realized that there was a need in Hong Kong for an online store that could deliver exactly what pet owners needed at a time that was convenient for them and could sell these products at prices comparable to or below those at their neighborhood pet store. This was how PetProject.HK was born.

Who are you targeting and how big is the market in HK/Asia?
PetProject.HK are currently targeting pet owners in Hong Kong. Starting this summer they will expand to Singapore and later in the year, Thailand. The Asian pet market is currently expanding exponentially, with people finding room in their homes and hearts for pets as part of their family. Nishant believes that the idea of having a pet in the home will become the norm as consumers across Asia begin to earn more and have increasing disposable income.

What are your future plans for your startup?
PetProject.HK would like to expand their catalogue of offerings to imported, high quality health products (nutritional supplements are a  long, expensive and untrustworthy proposition in Asia) and products for babies and toddlers (another area where regional regulations are historically lax). The idea of purchasing online is still a relatively new concept to the residents of Hong Kong, who tend to buy items as they see them in specialty stores. However, as work hours expand and the demands of life increases, PetProject.HK feel that the need for reliable online shopping will be as necessary here as it is in the United States and Britain. As PetProject.HK expands, it is imperative that they  keep their commitment to high quality, low prices, excellent customer service and  a variety of inventory. Currently, PetProject.HK is an online retailer, but they would like to expand this and their other ventures into a lifestyle community, both online and offline as well as offer a shopping experience that leaves their customers satisfied and more knowledgeable than before they visited  the PetProject.HK family of sites.

1 Benefit and 1 Challenge in the HK startup scene?
Benefit – Easy to setup and start companies
Challenge – Not very easy to get equity or debt funding

Find out more: http://petproject.hk

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