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5 Questions With Anita Chan, Co-Founder of ‘Sam the Local’


It’s super easy to book flights and places to stay online – but what do you do when you get there? Hong Kong startup Sam the Local wants to help you to find the best things to do when you get to your next destination.

Anita Chan (pictured on the left, Maggie Lau on the right) relocated to Hong Kong from California, and prior to Sam the Local, she worked at a consumer products companies doing communications, project management, and regional marketing.

Now she is excited to be involved in the Hong Kong startup community, building something she is passionate about. We sat down with Anita to find out who exactly Sam the Local is…

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AirBNB During CNY: 15,000 Guests will Stay in Hong Kong, Bringing in HKD12.5m in for Local Host Community


These are very interesting stats from AirBNB, so we thought we would share this AirBNB press release with Hong Kong startups: the tourism industry in Hong Kong is growing and besides a handful of travel startups in Hong Kong like Klook and Sam the Local we’re looking to find out who else is in this space or if you are looking to get into TravelTech in Asia.

Read below about AirBNB in HK during CNY — and for those who have been with us for awhile: do you remember when Brian Chesky showed up at our Startup Saturday event back in 2011 when he came to launch Airbnb in Hong Kong?

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The Complete List of RISE Week Events in Hong Kong


Here we go everyone! The excitement of RISE returns next week, and with it again, the Hong Kong community (and beyond) have pulled together to put on evening events every single night Рwe are calling these RISE Week Events!

These events will take place around the RISE conference and will put a spotlight on Hong Kong’s powerful ecosystem.

So without further ado – launch your favorite calendar app or refer to the events tab in the RISE app for iOS and Android and so…




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