An Army of Crowdfunding Sites Look to Help Startups Get Funding In Hong Kong


The entrepreneurial community is growing larger by the day in Hong Kong, a movement that inspires many to pursue their lifelong dreams.

Trying to find a sufficient amount of funding for an idea or project becomes a hard task, a factor that leaves many startups dead in the water. Fortunately, new crowdfunding sites have been recently born in Hong Kong, and are looking for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Here are four new crowdfunding sites in HK.

big-colors1. Bigcolors:

This startup exchange platform, once released in August, will enable entrepreneurs to access a community willing to fund their efforts, as well as free resources to enhance the presentation of their startup. Bigcolors will offer support and advice from its network of mentors, guiding entrepreneurs closer to their goals.

Investors also benefit by involving themselves with startups at the earliest stage, enjoying the Chia-Pet growth of the business. A built-in startup exchange market will allow funders to buy and sell according to their needs and wants. Tracking systems will organize the number of startups a person may be involved with as well as monitor the progress of it.

 Sign up today to become a beta user and watch your business grow!



2. Colony 88:

Focused on Hong Kong entrepreneurs, Colony 88’s goal is to open up wider channels of funding for startups. Recognizing the deficiency of investor experience and limited awareness of new businesses in HK, Jono Lilley and Fiona Atkinson collaborated to create an equity crowdfunding source.

By enabling entrepreneurs to sell smaller pieces of their startup to a more extensive network of seed funders, Colony 88 will help increase the number of dreams turned into realities. By screening a large, knowledgeable group of investors, an environment can be created where risk is secondary, creativity primary.

 Lilley and Atkinson are increasing awareness, opportunities and success in Hong Kong. Get involved!



Have you ever needed a personal loan and had to ‘shop around’, looking for banks with low interest rates and reasonable monthly payments? If you have, you would know how time consuming and stressful this process could be. At We Lend, banks are no longer needed to gain a personal loan, Hong Kong’s first peer-to-peer lending online community.

Third parties are completely excluded from transactions, creating a direct link between borrowers and lenders. With interest rates lower than any bank could offer and fixed monthly repayments, personal loans are now easier to get a hold of. Lenders also benefit with a higher rate of return, so everyone is satisfied!  Good credit, stable employment and the capacity to repay in time are the only qualifications  necessary to apply for a loan on We Lend. With secure transactions and limited information gathered, this platform creates a stable connection between funders and entrepreneurs.

Stop jumping through hoops to get the money you need. Simple, stable and easy money lending with WeLend can aid your startup better than most banks can.



Stop watching cat videos all day on Youtube and start posting your own videos about your great idea. With Dreamna, it is as simple as that—write up a short description of your idea on their website, post a video and connect it to all of your social media outlets, encouraging friends to support you with their time or money. A small window of 30 days is all you have to reach your funding goal, so make your idea stand out!

The more people who know about your idea, the more will help. If the goal is not made in the allotted time, nothing is lost, for the money given will go right back to the respective sponsors. Dreamna’s platform is great because it encourages anyone and everyone to become active in the entrepreneurial community, whether they are a dreamer, volunteer or sponsor.

Broadcast your idea to your friends with Dreamna.



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