Ask the UXpert: Hiring Your First User Experience (UX) Practitoner


Our Uxpert Patti Hunt has 15+ years of experience in roles spanning various disciplines of human-centered design including UX, service and strategic design. She is also the co-founder of On-Off Design & Technology which specializes in great user experiences, on and offline. You can follow them on Twitter @onoffhk

I recently attended an event called “Building an internal UX team” by Design Thinking Hong Kong (DTHK) and noted there were lots of questions about what people should look for when interviewing potential candidates to make sure they were getting a good UX’er.

Hiring a UX’er for a startup is dramatically different to hiring a UX’er for a role is a large corporation. Here’s some tips about finding a good UX’er for founders, startups and small businesses.

Tip 1 – Favor generalists over specialists

Startups should narrow down their search by trying to find a good UX generalist, instead of a person with one or two highly specialized skills. The diagram below gives you an idea of the range of skills that fall within the UX spectrum. And you (like everyone else), are probably trying to find that rarest and most highly sought after individuals – the UX unicorn!

Tip 2 – Look for good “people people”

Look for people who practice what they preach. Startups and corporates should aim for candidates with great people skills. If a UX’er can’t deliver a good experience of themselves, how will they design good experiences for your clients and customers?

Tip 3 – Go where the UX’ers go

It’s often the case that early stage startups don’t have a lot of money, so traditional options of securing talent such as through a recruitment agency are not an option because of high placement fees which can be as much as 25% of a candidates annual salary.

Here’s some good alternative options to finding good, local UX talent in Hong Kong:


Got other suggestions for finding a good UX’er? Share your tips below!



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