Our List of the Best Coffee Shops in Hong Kong for Working and Meeting Startups


StartupsHK started 3 years ago with 6 guys meeting in a coffee shop (that was Caffe Habitu the Table in Causeway Bay) – so we thought this list of the best coffee shops for startups was long overdue.

We reached out to our community and have compiled an initial 33 coffee shops that we feel are the best for startups.

Our criteria is that no Starbucks or other chain coffeeshops can be included because they are usually rowdy and full of school kids, and we’re sure you can find them by yourself – and that they would be great for meeting investors, doing work, co-founder brainstorming and other types of startup stuff – so basically they are quiet, located around Hong Kong and have varying degrees of delicious coffee and wifi access.

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8Securities Co-Founder: “I Joined an Asian Startup Once, It Was Awful!”


After 15 years of working for someone else Mikaal Abdulla finally got smart and started his own company. He is the co-founder and CEO of 8 Securities and his journey has taken him through Silicon Valley, New York, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and now Hong Kong.

His recent post on TechInAsia.com looks at the trouble of doing a startup here in Asia:

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