From Canada to Hong Kong: A Founder’s View of Hong Kong’s Startup Community


With an average of eight unicorns born each year (companies worth over $1B) throughout each of the past 10 years, it’s no surprise that startups are becoming much more common as entrepreneurs strive to create the next Facebook, Uber or Xiaomi. This increased interest in entrepreneurship has sparked the creation of startup communities around the world, and Hong Kong might be next.

Throughout the past year and a half, I have become fully immersed in the vibrant startup community in Waterloo. With a population of only about 550,000, more than 1,850 startups have been founded in Waterloo in the past 5 years alone making it the most dense startup region after Silicon Valley. More than $650 million in investment has been raised by local companies including VidYard, Thalmic Labs, and Aeryon Labs, and we now have our own unicorn, Kik Messenger.

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The Seed of an Idea to Seed Funding: The Startup Journey of Hiring Screen


We were happy to hear of’s round of funding and wanted to find out more – this is Hiring Screen CEO and Co-Founder Richard Hanson’s journey from idea to seed funding.

In just over a year, Hiring Screen has grown to a ten person technology startup in one of Asia’s most prestigious accelerator programmes and secured funding from Angel Investors from Asia and Europe.

It would be nice to believe that this is a result of mine and my co-founder’s entrepreneurial dynamism, wisdom beyond our years, and impeccable timing. However, on reflection, it would appear we have followed a playbook that whilst certainly not dull, is pretty tried and tested!

Here’s the condensed Hiring Screen journey and a few tips for early-stage startup founders from my own experience.

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The RISE Will Be Televised: Videos of John Collison, Matt Mullenweg and YOU from #RISEconf


There were lines to get into the centerstage to watch the talks from people like Tony Conrad, Liam Casey, Sonny Vu, Matt Mullenweg and more at RISE – if you were one of those too busy networking and making deals happen you’re in luck – all the videos have been posted to the #RISEConf YouTube Channel.

Just in case you missed them, there are also a bunch of videos from attendees at RISE posted on YouTube that we thought deserved a shout-out so have a look at a few that we aggregated into this post.

Here are some of talks – you can see the rest here.

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