Hong Kong’s Annual “StartMeUpHK” Festival Returns January 2017


Upfront we’d like to clarify, this site you are reading is called “StartupsHK.”

The InvestHK startup initiative is called “StartMeUpHK.”

Two similar sounding but totally different things run by different people. One, us, decided on the most obvious name we could think of that would be easy to remember. They, InvestHK, obviously huge Rolling Stones fans.

Clear? Good. Let’s continue (and never stop…).

The StartmeupHK Festival, (the one run by InvestHK, remember?) the weeklong festival that will be held next January 2017 is going to celebrate it’s 4th year to promote and encourage Hong Kong’s startups to showcase the city’s vibrancy, lifestyle and business scene.

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5 Hong Kong Logistics Startups to Keep an Eye On in 2017


StartupsHK co-founder Casey Lau always advises new entrepreneurs to focus on one of the 3 pillars of Hong Kong – finance, property and logistics – when choosing a vertical to concentrate on, if they want to get traction and be ahead of other markets while being based in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is the top largest air cargo hubs, and the 4th biggest container port. The port provides 70 shipping lines, over 350 container line services per week and covers more than 510 destinations around the world.

The trading and logistic sector in Hong Kong generates 28 percent of the total GDP and the sector employs 24 percent of the total Hong Kong working force.

The busy financial centre is a well-connected city with a long history for being an accessible port to entry China and other regions in South East Asia. Hong Kong’s free tax port among other government countenance have made of Hong Kong a hub for logistics startups a great place to kickoff.

The changing environment in the e-commerce and the growth of demand from consumer goods in Asia, are pushing the logistics startups to come strong and reinvent and make more efficient industry.

Here are the 5 startups that are taking advantage of the great connectivity conditions in Hong Kong and are now reinventing the scene; they are worth taking a look into them.

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5 Questions with Cassie Mak, Co-founder of Happy Owl

Happy Owl Co-founders Daniel Cheng Cassie Make


What is your startup?


Happy Owl is a subscription based wine and dine membership mobile app. Members can redeem one drink every day at any of our partner venues. We currently have more than 50 venues across nine districts. FInd the complete list of partner venues here.

At an unbeatable monthly subscription fee, our members are able to get their first drink for free at any partner bars. At restaurants, they can choose a drink within the menu options. The value proposition that we provide for our members is obvious.

We combine technology, innovation, and marketing to provide bars and restaurants with a platform to drive more traffic to their venues. They can get at a targeted demographic, at a very low marketing cost, too. This is a much more efficient way for bars and restaurants to upsell their offerings and bring in new customers to their venues: No other marketing tools out there can guarantee real customer traffic like we do.

Exclusively for Startups HK readers, use promo code: drinkwithstartupshk to subscribe and enjoy 10 days free trial and then a discounted rate of $99/ month going forward. (promo code valid till Jan 31, 2017)

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