Christmas Gift Ideas From 10 Hong Kong Hardware Startups


Struggling to pick up the right gift for that tech-savvy friend that has it all? Instead of hitting the shops, fending off relentless crowds and haggling for the lowest price – why not support a Hong Kong startup?

Our startups have poured their blood, sweat and tears in crafting innovative and useful products for you and the people in your life. Whether its an accessory for your smartphone or an energy-saving device for the home – these 10 Hong Kong hardware startups have you covered.

While some products are ready to be ordered in a few clicks, some are still on pre-order and require a bit of patience. So we’ve compiled a list of startups that have gifts ready in-time for Christmas, and those that will be shipping out somewhere after the new year.



With a mission to design a line of healthtech products that improves your day-to-day life, BlueAnatomy currently has two products in their online shop. You can choose from their Bluetooth-enabled body scale where you can track your weight loss via smartphone, or their wireless kitchen scale that lets you log calorie intake and look up healthy recipes.

Native Union

This design house makes some of the most stunning smartphone and tablet accessories we’ve ever seen. Having been around for some time now, Native Union has great offerings for the holiday season. You can make selections from their ‘Gift Guide’ which includes the 3-metre long NIGHT charging cable, or choose from their LuxuryTech section.

Muku Labs

Muku Labs’ Shuttr, a remote shutter release for your smartphone, has made taking selfies that much easier – eliminating that tell-tale arm disappearing from the side of photos. The latest product to join the Muku Labs line-up is Muku MacroWide, a set of wide angle and macro lens for your phone.


Another successful Kickstarter campaign that’s led to startup success, Nanoleaf is the makers of the world’s most energy-efficient lightbulb. These LED lightbulbs are not only truly beautifully designed, but will also cut down on your electricity bill. Choose from the Nanoleaf ‘One’ or ‘Bloom’ depending if you want a dimmable bulb.


Another Hong Kong design house that makes beautiful and modular smartphone accessories, RUBIX is inspired by the classic and oft frustrating 3-D combination puzzle. Their online shop currently offers up iPhone cases and a ‘plug-and-play’ module that gives your battery a 60% boost.


Like mobile gaming but prefer the dexterity of a physical controller? Phonejoy’s Bluetooth game controller for Android devices makes gaming on the go that much easier. Besides the controller, Phonejoy also sells a line of accessories such as power or audio adapters.


Ambi Climate

Just coming out of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Ambi Climate sold out of their beta units and is offering their smart air conditioning device now on pre-order. The It’s cold out now, but order an Ambi today and you’ll be able start saving on electricity bills by June 2015 – as soon as Hong Kong begins heating up.


Many of us aren’t aware our home’s shoddy indoor air quality that can be 2-5 times worse than the outdoors. uHoo aims to educate us on that with their smart indoor air quality monitor that sends insights and recommendations to your smartphone. They’re midway through their Indiegogo campaign so drop in your pre-order and receive your uHoo by June 2015.


After coming out of a successful Indiegogo campaign, EzeeCube picked up additional cash from Nest and is preparing to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show next month. Their stackable media hub, that consolidates, manages and auto-backs up your content is available for pre-order and will be shipped out by March 2015.

Umbrella Here

Created by a trio of PolyU student interaction designers, Umbrella Here contributes to the sharing economy via a Bluetooth light attachment. Besides encouraging umbrella-sharing, Umbrella Here also sends alerts to your smartphone if you’ve left your rain/sun shielding device behind. Pre-order now and get an Umbrella Here shipped out by January 2015.

If you know of any great gift ideas from a Hong Kong hardware startup, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you so much for including us in the list, Iris! :) Happy New Year!

    Although Christmas is over, readers can still get a chance to pre-order a uHoo sensor through our IndieGogo page. It ends in 8 days! Let us know if you have any questions.