Office Hours


Starting a startup is hard, we often hear things like:

  • So I have this idea, can I pick your brain?

  • How do I find investors?

  • Can you take a look at my pitch deck?

  • What resources are available to me in HK?

  • I’m serious about doing a startup but I need some help starting.

  • I’m looking to bring my startup/event/office/game/hackathon to Hong Kong, can you help?

If you have these questions, we’ve set up StartupsHK Office Hours – an hourly paid consultation service where you can sit down one-on-one in person or via Skype with a StartupsHK founder and ask them all of your questions.

It’s a simple chat over coffee where you bring your questions and we give you our best insight over 60 minutes and a cup of hot delicious coffee.

If you are getting ready to do a startup, why not tap into the team that has been building the Hong Kong startup scene for the past 6 years, with connections and a network that spans Asia and into Silicon Valley and mentors at accelerators and incubators all over the world.

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