Cyberport Partners with Microsoft Ventures for New Accelerator Program with Seed Fund in Hong Kong


Cyberport, Hong Kong’s ‘creative digital community’ has been drumming up a lot of support for startups in the past while, the latest being a partnership with Microsoft Ventures.

Besides teaming up with a tech giant to give startups an opportunity at global exposure, Cyberport has also announced a complimentary accelerator support programme and is now accepting applications for their seed fund.

We had a chat with Herman Lam, CEO of Cyberport to get his take on the partnership and how it will benefit Hong Kong’s ecosystem.

“Microsoft Ventures has a strong connection to the Beijing market and has technology that they can provide,” he said. “[They] are a global company and have an alumni network as well as a large customer base which is very useful.” Herman said that the partnership with Microsoft Ventures adds value to Cyberport’s existing incubation and accelerator readiness program as it only expands the menu of resources startups have to choose from.


Herman believes that the local startups will benefit from learning from more developed ecosystems, which will help them start thinking on an international scale. “Hong Kong has to think globally and has to think in the Greater China terms,” he said. “With this collaboration, startups can quickly tap into ecosystems that have already been developed in other markets. Instead of working with people just within the city, they’ll have a chance to expand their horizons which will enrich Hong Kong’s ecosystem.”

Read below for more details on the programmes:

Cyberport x Microsoft Ventures

Cyberport’s strategic partnership with Microsoft Ventures helps ICT startups with fundraising and to build aptitude for global business expansion. In line with this new collaboration, Cyberport is also introducing the ‘Cyberport Accelerator Support Programme’ which offers up funding support to existing Cyberport incubates and alum.

Startups accelerating with Cyberport are entitled to funding of up to HK $300,000 to cover travel expenses, intern compensation and other professional services. As another perk of being under Cyberport’s wing, startups have the chance to join wordwide accelerators including the Beijing-based Microsoft Ventures Accelerator programme.

Cyberport Creative Micro Fund

For those young upstarts that want to build on a great idea, the ‘Cyberport Creative Micro Fund’ is a seed fund to sponsor creative and innovative ICT startups or related business concepts. Successful applicants will receive HK $100,000 in cash to develop their prototype within a 6-month period.

Applications for the Micro Fund and Cyberport’s incubation program are due on May 28th at 5pm.

Details on how to apply here!

Read more details about the fund here.

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