echelon 2010 Wrap Up Part 3 – Hackerspace and co-workspace

WOW! OK, that’s it, I’m done.


Really, the Hackerspace (@hackerspacesg) in Singapore is just amazing. It isn’t just the place itself, which is quite cool, but it is the community that they have attracted to it.

The Space

The location is around the Bugis MRT station, just off of Arab St. and has a whole hoard of restaurants serving up Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food along with a smattering of pubs and other things. It is located in the upstairs of two buildings which gives the space itself a bit of a hacked-together feel with the two spaces not being on the same floor level.

There are basically four large areas. The first being the common room with open seating. Adjoining it is a kitchen like area for refreshments and whatnot where the Makerbot proudly sits along with many other projects. Down the stairs into the next building is the library area with some cozy seats. And then there are about 10-12 desk spaces with curtains for privacy in the gallery leading off of the library. My first comment about the space was that it reminded me of my college houses. When I told that to Meng Wong (@mengwong) he basically agreed that is quite similar to the community they were trying to achieve.

Update: Video from GOAP

The Community

Now, I can’t say that I got a very detailed exposure to the community there, but what I did see was just refreshing and makes me think we can achieve something similar in HK. So, the membership cost is quite arbitrary and effectively self-selected with some general recommendations. They allow for members to choose if they want to have a parcel of space to keep things or to use the desks frequently, but it also allows for those people that just occasionally drop by. I went there for two nights, the first night the GOAP crew were there hanging out after the first echelon day. The second night there was an Xtreme Programming meetup there along with an informal gathering of startup people both local and from out of town. Along side all of this there were still people in the back room plugging away or relaxing in the library. 

Out of my time I spent in Singapore, I have to say that the people that I met around the Hackerspace were the most memorable. 

If you are in the HK area, and are interested in either a Hackerspace or co-work space, please go to for more details.

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  1. Hugh Mason says:

    Was great meeting you Jon – all and any hackers from HK are very welcome when visiting SG. We may even improvise a song for you LOL

  2. Jonathan Buford says:

    Thanks Hugh, it was a pleasure meeting you and everyone else there. Let’s hope that I’m successful in getting one up and running here. I’d imagine that some interesting interactions could come out of that.

  3. William Liang says:

    Jonathan, thanks for reporting your visit. I am also looking forward to having a similar space in HKG.

  4. Glad you liked HackerspaceSG! Do let us know if one gets set up in Hong Kong so we can go visit too =)