Hong Kong’s Enterproid Raises Additional US$12 Million in Series B; Renames Itself ‘Divide’


If you joined us at our Startup Saturday: Mobillaince 2013 event in Wan Chai this past weekend, you must have heard our speaker David Zhu spoke about his goal of disrupting the enterprise. David showed an interesting formula saying BYOD + Consumerization of IT = Empowered Users and stressed out the needs for the enterprise mobility revolution. It was an impressive talk and really made us think over this topic.

Today we are thrilled to bring you a piece of good news that his own enterprise startup Enterproid just raised a Series B round of funding last week to the tune of US$12 million bringing his total to US$25 million.

Started in 2010, Enterproid(now changed to Divide) now enjoys over 200,000 downloads on iOS and Android platforms. This time with a new name, the startup secured the Series B funding from Google Ventures. Former investors include Comcast Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures and it also attracted new investors as Globespan Capital Partners and Harmony Partners. Currently the company has reached $25 million funding in total.


The Bring Your Own Device working policy is getting much more popular in recent years, and the business behind this is growing as well. Divide is designed for the BYOD enterprise success and make the mobile working experience in a more secure and efficient way. Customers of Divide can transfer their files between the cloud and an on-premise business environment. What’s more, they are allowed to attach local or cloud-based documents via mails, which makes the sharing process easier and faster.

Files can be transferred securely between personal apps and the Divide workspace as it can be downloaded to any employee’s mobile devices. Without the bother of running an entire device, the IT administrators can simply use the service to solely manage the standardised workspace across a fleet of devices and protect corporate data everywhere.

With a new name and a new round of  funding, it seems that Divide is ready to actually Disrupt the Enterprise!

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