Facebook Partners with StartupsHK for FbStart Program in Hong Kong


You saw their booth at RISE and now they are here full time – Facebook’s startup program FbStart is officially in Hong Kong and now we are happy to announce that us along with blueprint, Cyberport and Metta are all partnering with Mark Zuckerberg (or rather the team in charge of FbStart but we’re sure he knows what they are doing) in helping HK teams work with Facebook together to support FbStart members in various ways, such as offering mentorship opportunities, training workshops and networking events.

If you want to access these benefits please reach out to us via our Facebook page and we will see what you’re up to and get you into the program if you fit the criteria.

Read on to learn more:

In its third year, FbStart expanded benefits available to members with enhancements such as online access to different Facebook teams during office hours.
FbStart has over 9,000 members from 140 countries around the world with 70% of the program’s members coming from outside the United States. FbStart offers free tools and services designed to help mobile startups build and grow their apps. The program also provides year-round mentorship opportunities to connect directly with the Facebook team and an exclusive global community of mobile developers and entrepreneurs.

“StartupsHK is excited to be a supporter of FbStart,” said Gene Soo, co-founder, StartupsHK. “Facebook being the largest social network in the world and a key social network platform in Hong Kong, provides startups with a great channel in finding their customer and product market fit. New features in Facebook Messenger and further extension of content like VR in Facebook expand the possibilities. We look forward to working closely with the FbStart team to drive win- wins for founders building their startups from Hong Kong for the world!”

As part of the FbStart program, the annual FbStart Apps of the Year competition honors the most successful apps among FbStart members. This year, FbStart announced 5 global winners of the annual FbStart Apps of the Year competition. Grand prize winner VoiceTube received US$50,000 in cash and US$50,000 in Facebook Ad Credits. This is the second year in a row the winner comes from APAC.

The following tracks are now open for application:

  • Bootstrap track: Any developer who has launched a quality, working mobile app in the
    Apple or Google Play app stores.
  • Accelerate tracks: Any developer who has launched a working mobile app in the Apple
    or Google Play app stores and has seen a sustained level of growth in their target markets.

Developers can also apply for the following benefits packages:

  • Social Good: This package offers a set of benefit specific to social good developers, as
    well as mentorship opportunities with Facebook’s social good and Internet.org teams.
  • Games: Benefits specific to mobile game developers, as well as mentorship
    opportunities with the Games team at Facebook.

(Photo provided by Tony Verb)

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