The Flipter Story: Born in Hong Kong, Grown at Cyberport, Sold to Silicon Valley


Flipter, one of Hong Kong’s startup pioneers (and voted one of HK’s Hottest Startups by HK Business), has been acquired by Silicon Valley’s 1World for an undisclosed sum. The deal was announced last week at the annual ‘AlwaysOn OnMedia’ event hosted by NYC’s NASDAQ offices.

While 1World is a top engagement applications and consumer intelligence company with offices in the US, Europe, India and now Latin America, Flipter is a social polling micro-blogging site for users around the world to share and gather opinions. Taking Flipter under their wing will help 1World develop a suite of tools to better understand consumers while upping the ante on engagement and traffic for their digital clients.

Now operating under the 1World Latin America moniker, Flipter’s founder and CEO Salvador de la Barrera (pictured middle in below image) will be heading up growth and sales as the region’s general manager. Besides offering continued support to product teams, de la Barrera will help transition Flipter customers over to 1World’s multi-lingual publisher platform.



Salvador pitching Flipter for the first time at Demo Night during Social Media Week Hong Kong 2011.

Despite being headquartered in Santiago, Chile – the Flipter team first grew the startup on Hong Kong soil and was also a Cyberport incubatee.

“Flipter is a globetrotting startup – while today we’re based in Latin America, it was born in Hong Kong and it’s also very important to note that when I started with Flipter in Hong Kong – the startup community was just starting as well,” said de la Barrera. “Today, it’s amazing to see how in the last few years, the Hong Kong tech scene has been growing and maturing – I’m very happy to be part of such a great ecosystem.”

After winning the Hong Kong Creative Micro Fund in 2010, Flipter officially launched at Echelon Singapore in 2011 and eventually made their move to Latin America to join Startup-Chile’s second cohort. After graduating from the Chilean accelerator, Flipter also took part in the first generation of Naranya Lab Mexico (mobile eCommerce accelerator).

Join us in congratulating the Flipter team!

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