Online Food Ordering and Delivery Platform Koziness Concepts Acquires Hong Kong Competitors

Koziness Concepts, previously branded as iDelivery, has acquired both Dial-a-Dinner and Soho Delivery for an undisclosed amount.

Despite the combined strength of the very like-minded ordering and delivering trio, the three companies will continue operating independently and will only share logistic drivers from time to time.

According to a release, Koziness co-founder Gary To has said that the acquisitions is a part of the two-year-old delivery service’s plan to become the largest platform within their dedicated market while enhancing customer diversity.

Both Dial-a-Dinner and Soho Delivery have been operating for 10+ years in North & South Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, and they currently serve more than 100 restaurants offering takeout menus. Since Koziness works with about 20+ restaurants in the busiest hub of Hong Kong Island, the acquisition will help them broaden their customer reach.

Gary said that the same services and operating procedures will be continued at this stage, although restaurants currently working with Koziness will see their menus added to Dial-a-Dinner’s platform soon.

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