Garry Tan on Getting Traction – Gabriel Weinberg’s Blog

posterous, “the dead simple place to post everything.” Posterous was part of Y Combinator in the summer of 2008, and immediately got traction after being launched on Techcrunch.

In this interview Garry explains how that happened as well as how product development, idea generation, YC, previous experience and execution contributed to their success. He also gives advice on press and customer support.

This interview is ~40min. If you just want the audio, use the mp3 version. You can also get the video on your iPod/iPhone via iTunes.

For more interviews, visit the Traction Book site.

Good, if a little slow, interview with one of the Posterous founders. Covers a wide range of topics.

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  1. Gabriel Weinberg says:

    Thanks for listening (and posting)! Any suggestions for how to improve future interviews? I’m doing another one tonight :)

  2. Jonathan Buford says:

    Hi Gabriel, the interview questions and answers were good. I’d say that the sound quality was sometimes a bit sketchy and the pacing of the interview was a bit slow, especially at the beginning.

  3. Eli Weinberg says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, our connection was not the greatest.

  4. Jonathan Buford says:

    Who’s the next interview?

  5. Eli Weinberg says:

    Justin Kan from Any question ideas? I’ve struggled whether to get right into the story or to ask more about advice first and work into the story.

  6. Jonathan Buford says:

    Justin will be a good one, he came to HK for a local funding conference last fall. The story of him meeting up with his first investor with a camera rig attached to him is quite interesting/entertaining. I think the major deal with their story, which is quite different from Posterous, is that they made a major pivot in what their product was.I think I would like to know how his role in the company changed over time, and were the changes noticeable or just very gradual.

  7. Eli Weinberg says:

    Thx. I’m trying to focus on the subject of getting traction, but I’ll try to relate that to the topic.