Hong Kong FinTech Startups To Watch


In the past month alone, Hong Kong has been hit with interesting FinTech news – with Bitcoin ATMs launching within hours of each other and investment incubator NEST teaming up with banking giant Barclays to create a London-based accelerator program for FinTech startups.

As many ex-bankers have leapt into the entrepreneurial realm in efforts to disrupt the finance space (with help from the internet and technology), we wanted to introduce several FinTech startups that are innovating in the online brokerage, peer-to-peer lending and Bitcoin options trading space.



An online brokerage platform with offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong, 8Securities has, since their launch in April 2012, grown rapidly to 50,000 customers worth US $1 billion in assets. On their personalized trading portal, 8Securities’ offerings include custom-made trading apps, access to market information, research reports and even a social aspect – real-time networking with other private investors. Just eight months after its 2011 launch, 8Securities was already cash flow positive and raised US $8 million in early 2012. Startbase Profile



A peer-to-peer or social lending platform that disrupts the consumer and commercial loans market, WeLend cuts out the expensive middleman (ie. banks) by allowing their users to borrow, invest and connect via the web. While peer-to-peer lending has been a previously successful model in the US and Europe, WeLend has brought the concept to Hong Kong and has since their launch – grown to over 5,000 members and has received applications for more than HK $280 million in loans. Startbase Profile


Bitquant Research Laboratories

A new FinTech startup that launched in February of this year, Bitquant is a developer of open source, professional-grade software with a focus on Bitcoin options trading. As it stands now, the software infrastructure for high-level finance is only available to large financial institutions, but Biquant plans on disrupting the space by turning the entire city of Hong Kong into one giant trading floor. For professional traders interested in working outside of the bank, Bitquant’s software can be downloaded from GitHub. Startbase Profile

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