Hong Kong Music App Jamn Raises US $300,000 in Seed Funding from Yat Siu of Outblaze and VC Firm Mind Fund


MiQ, the Hong Kong startup behind novel music app Jamn, raises US $300,000 in seed funding.

The investors who collaborated on this deal include Adam Lindemann and Mark Cheng of Hong Kong VC firm Mind Fund and veteran entrepreneur Yat Siu of Outblaze.

Having won multiple awards for innovation, education and design from Apple and Smartphone Asia, Jamn is an iOS app that helps musicians learn music theory, chord construction, scale patterns and allows for instant key transposition. Created by musicians for musicians, Jamn also has a social aspect where users across the globe can learn, discover and share tunes from their personal song database.

We had a chat with founder and CEO Johnny Quattro to see what his plans are for MiQ in the coming year.

“We are working full speed ahead on a new product that will excite music players all over the world. Without telling you too much detail, it’s an iOS app that allows you to play along with music from your iPhone or iPad – it’s a beautiful mix between design and innovation,” he said.

(Ben Cheng of Oursky and Johnny Quattro of MiQ)

With Hong Kong branding agency Stepworks and app developers Oursky also on board for design and development support, Johnny said that the funds will be used towards marketing efforts, product and business development.

Besides amping up the product, the deal also brought on three experienced and strategic investors. “Bringing Yat Siu on board has been the right choice for MiQ, we really admire him and know what he brings to the table can’t be measured in only dollar value,” said Johnny. “Mind Fund is also another great choice for us: their experience in VC investing in Silicon Valley and wisdom in this business extends far and wide.”

Johnny shows us how to use Jamn:

Jamn on Startbase.HK: Jamn

Johnny Quattro on Startbase.HK: Johnny Quattro

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