Hong Kong’s Muku Shuttr Fully Funded on Kickstarter in Just One Week


The common problem of trying to capture a beautiful selfie within the limits of your arm length is no longer an issue. Muku Labs created a revolutionary product that ultimately transforms the capabilities of your smartphone camera.

Introducing Muku Shuttr, a remote shutter release for iPhone, iPad and a few Android devices. With a failed past of raising funds on Indiegogo, Muku Shuttr has recently reached its funding goal on Kickstarter.com, guaranteeing the first shipment of their device – thanks in part to the support of the Hong Kong startup community offering Muku contacts to media sites to help get the word out!

The Muku Shuttr, inspired by CEO Kevin Leung’s quest to capture special moments with his daughter, is useful for so many photo ops, whether they are group pictures or individuals ones. The design is extremely simple, the Shuttr only featuring a button and a keyhole for easy access. Compatible with all iOS devices and the S3,S4 and Note2 smartphones, Bluetooth is all you need to connect the remote with your phone. While there are a few devices that are not suitable for the Muku Shuttr, most can simply download an additional app in order to operate the remote.


With the Kickstarter campaign only a week old, it is an amazing accomplishment for Hong Kong based Muku Labs to already reach their funding goal. The earliest roll-out date for the Muku Shuttr will be in October of this year, and there are still a few more to grab before they hit stores! Complimentary suction stands accompany the Shuttr for as low as a $29 USD donation.

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