Janice Chaka Shares Top Three Tips When Hiring For Startups


Tremendous pressure is placed on the shoulders of entrepreneurs when they choose to begin a startup. Financial issues and public exposure can become prominent concerns because without them, the startup will most likely fail. But another important aspect that seems to fall to the wayside is: who will I hire? Entrepreneurs have various background histories, but more often than not, lack human resourcing skills that can aid in picking the perfect people for the team. Friends and quick acquaintances tend to fill these blanks, sometimes falling short of expectancy.

Janice Chaka, founder of JC Global Services and a voracious traveler, understands the time crunch entrepreneurs undergo when trying to rally together the right components for their team. With nine years of HR experience under her belt, Chaka started her own virtual company, one that offers consulting services and support for business owners and professionals alike.

JC-global_transJC Global Services can be great for founders who are looking to hire employees but are unsure on where to find them beyond their social circle. Temporary consultants help minimize this stress, offering their services hourly or by project basis. Beyond this, JC Global Services also delves into any virtual teaching aspect, from educating companies on how to go virtual to video-interview practice techniques. Regardless of its simulated nature, Chaka assured me that she still maintains a physical presence when necessary. “Asia is very much about person to person and creating relationships, so if a client requires me to be there, I tend to be around.”

On July 23rd, Janice will be instructing a General Assembly class, teaching startups how to hire the right people. We spoke with her briefly to pinpoint the top three tips every entrepreneur should know when hiring.

Tip #1: Planning, planning, planning: While the financial end may be a main concern, try and also pay as much attention to the people you come in contact with on a regular basis. You know you’ll need to hire a certain number of people with different skills and identifying those needs can make the search a little less painful.  “Start looking in advance before you get the money. Start making the contacts, start building the network. It will make your life a lot easier when you get the money and you’ll have someone that is already onboard.”

Tip#2: Get people that are just as passionate as you are: Your team needs to share your enthusiasm and work ethic in order to make the environment more enjoyable and productive. “They put in 110%, they won’t just clock in hours, and they’ll be as creative and innovative as you need them to be.” A team with great skills and drive can be the appropriate push for your business to reach the next level.

Tip#3: Don’t hire another you: “You’re great, you’re marvelous, but you need someone that can fill the gaps that you can’t.” Although you may think you know everything there is to know about your startup, different insights can ultimately lead to a better product or service. Outside influences and contrasting mindsets can balance out blindsides and encourage new ideas. This could be the reason why mentors are extremely popular, in that they open a new window in which to look out of.


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