Hong Kong Startup ‘Mailtime’ Officially Launches During TechCrunch Disrupt’s ‘Startup Battlefield’


You know what’s exciting?

Seeing people you work with leave and go start a startup!

What’s even more exciting, when that person is then on the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt pitching to thousands of people in San Francisco!

Earlier this month, a batch of Hong Kong startups led by the ‘Cyberport Delegation to the US’ stormed San Francisco for TechCrunch Disrupt. Among them were Notey, GoGoVan, Shopline and Ambi.

Besides rubbing shoulders with Bay Area entrepreneurs and investors, one of our startups seized this opportunity to officially launch their product during ‘Startup Battlefield.’ As the first Hong Kong startup to enter this pitch competition, MailTime unveiled their app to Disrupt conference goers and to the ‘App Store.’ Download it for iOS here!

Founded in late 2013 by Heatherm Huang and Gary Lau (who also built instant voice messager TalkBox), MailTime raised a seed round of US $500,000 from a group of China and Silicon Valley investors in June and our former Girl Friday Charlie Sheng now heads up marketing efforts for them. Having grown the team to six, the SF-based startup is plugging away at an Android version and plan on disrupting email attachments in the very near future.

Here is Heatherm in front of thousands at TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 in San Francisco:

Alas, they didn’t make it to the finals but they were able to get in front of Silicon Valley’s finest and talk to reporters at the biggest tech blog in the world!


So how does MailTime work? As email replies are annoyingly formatted in a string of redundant transcripts, it’s often hard to get to the meat of the message. What MailTime does is organise your email content in an attractive “chat view,” just like your favorite messaging app. Similar to Twitter limiting its users to 140 characters, MailTime lets you know if your message is getting too long-winded (although you still have the liberty to send it through regardless).

Besides making your email interactions more manageable, MailTime also has productivity features such as a “to-do list” where you can assign items straight from your inbox and track the status of each pending task. Struggling to keep track of all your cc’s? In the case of multiple email reply chains, MailTime transforms the mess into a simple group chat where you can add people with a single click.

MailTime on Startbase.HK: MailTime

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  1. Great to see local startups getting some time under the spotlight. Keep it up!