NEST Pitch Day Is Happening on 28 September


Good day startups! How’s everything? Just a reminder to the entrepreneurs who are looking to make their mark in Hong Kong and are interested in consumer businesses in the lifestyle space: If you have any amazing idea to pitch, go to our local hands-on investment incubator NEST. You might have noticed the good news if you stay tuned with us – NEST’s social photo app FoodieQuest recently is getting the spotlight worldwide.

NEST’s pitch day is happening every week at its Incubation Lab in Shueng Wan – by the way the next pitch day is on Saturday 28 September

This is how the pitch day works. Every entrepreneur will have 15 minutes to present his/her business to the NEST team before moving into 30 minutes for a two-way Q&A. If you got Likes, NEST will provide you and your business with up to HK$500,000 in capital as well as mentorship, office space, know-how and hands-on support.

This is who NEST is looking for. “We want to hear from driven entrepreneurs who are passionate about their ideas and have taken the first steps to pursue their vision. They should have a personal commitment and investment in the concept/business, dedicating both time and available resources to developing their start-up.” 

So get ready and good luck!

Check here and here for application.


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