New Hong Kong Game Startup Play ‘N Pop Launches First Game for iOS


Play ‘N Pop, a startup in Hong Kong focusing on mobile and Facebook devices, recently released its first game, Guess This Pic.

This iOS trivia game challenges the mind to guess what an image is laid beneath clickable gray tiles. With only a few guesses and a select amount of letters, gamers are forced to rack their brains on what the image might be. With 1000 downloads in its first three days, programmer Ian Callaghan is looking into the near future to develop a new sensational game.


With an extensive background in iOS programming and a deep love for games, Callaghan was enthusiastic to create his own, one that would target the growing market of people who enjoy brain teasers and picture/word associations.

Teaming up with Jade Lam, a game designer and project manager of Play ‘N Pop, both were able to bring Guess This Pic into the public eye and have so far enjoyed the experience. Jade, a former intern for, was inspired by the gaming industry and was excited to join Callaghan in creating Playn’Pop.


Playn’Pop’s bootstrap background has brought Ian and Jade this far into the startup community, allowing them to continue their growth and develop a new trivia game. Because the games are featured in the iTunes store, Callaghan explains his goals to target the worldwide market of gamers, rather than sticking with the audience in Hong Kong. In this way, the game can be exposed faster than if it were to remain central to HK, which would allow investors to fund future trivia games.


Looking down the road, Ian and Jade hope to secure another programmer who can program for Android devices. They are also eager to create a kids mode version of Guess This Pic as well as develop games in simplified Chinese to reach Asian audiences. With enough funding and exposure, Playn’Pop can continue to challenge the minds of gamers worldwide.

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