Outblaze Founder Talks the Future of Mobile, Going Global and the Power of Android at #StartClub


An amazing night of sharing as StartupsHK co-founder Daniel Cheng (@danielhitome) interviewed arguably Hong Kong’s most famous technopreneur Yat Siu (@Ysiu) at last night’s START CLUB! 

A round out of some of the tweets we shared during the talk:

  • Rapid integration is essential for testing by startups
  • Stickiness is more important than revenue up front. Don’t alienate your customers! 
  • Keep iterating – systems change, formats change – keep updated on new devices
  • Customer acquisition: PR doesn’t work!!! 
  • Allocate some budget for some form of advertising – to see if it works and if the return is there -but have patience.
  • Partner with other Startups to access stronger user bases together.
  • Asia is a much stronger Android market! Korea and Japan are big for Android.
  • HK: 80% Android. 20% iPhone. Believe it.
  • If you want to do business in China or US you really have to focus on ways to access those users an market.
  • Startups can take a chance on Windows 8 – big fish in a little pond.
  • Kickstarter has proved there’s more geeks in the world than you think because of the stuff that gets funded there.

Thanks to Boxad and Locaclick for doing pitches as well and to our judges for giving some great feedback to these new start-ups.

Thanks to our sponsor SoftLayer – email Casey for more information on the Catalyst Startup Program.



Next big event will be announced soon for second week of November. Our LeanCamp talk on Nov. 1 is SOLD OUT! Please keep an eye here and on Twitter and Facebook for new events – thanks for all your support we’re just trying to build our ecosystem.

Heads up: Mobile Dev/Users Meet-up and a UI/UX Meet-up are being planned as well as a Cantonese-version of Start Club and a Startup Saturday Investor Training event for the rest of 2012.



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