Viable vs. Desirable Products – The Yin and Yang of Product Marketing

I follow the Lean Startup Circle group and came across this article: 

Minimum Desirable Product

What’s a minimum “test” of your product? And what are you testing?
A hypothesis-driven approach to product development dictates that you build as much as you need to test our your product, but not more and not less. But what are you “testing” your product for?

It seems like there is a lot being written and tried out in this area, which got formally rolling with Crossing the Chasm, but with a lot of focus now on how to get to the chasm in the first place and how to find a really small chasm you can jump on a bike instead of a motorcycle. 

Having been through this process a few times, and seen the results of what happens when this kind of process isn't followed, I'm considering coming up with a mantra for startups. Repeat it everyday and you can avoid the stupid costly problems. 

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Web 2.0: Top 25 Apps to Grow your Business

Tips for posting using Posterous

Smarter posting for Posterous

You control where we post.

Just email the right address and we’ll do the right thing.

Post Everywhere? [email protected] as usual
Twitter? [email protected]
Flickr? [email protected]
Facebook? [email protected]
Tumblr? [email protected]
Any other blog? [email protected]
Posterous only? [email protected]
Combine them! [email protected]

You can also address an email to #{text} and it will post to any site where the url contains that text.

#[email protected] will go to and, but NOT

What is posterous?

Posterous lets you post things online fast using email. You email us at [email protected] and we reply instantly with your new posterous blog.

If you can use email, you can have your own website to share thoughts and media with friends, family and the world.

Posterous is NOT a micro blog. There’s nothing micro about it! There are no limits to what you can post. We’re here to build the best web publishing platform out there, whether it’s your gateway to Twitter, your family website, or your pro blog. There’s nothing Posterous can’t do.

What can I send to posterous?

You can send anything! Posterous will accept any file you send and convert it to the most web friendly format available. We’ll host everything and publish it online instantly.

You can attach any type of file and we’ll post it along with the text of your email.
We’ll do smarter things for photos, audio files and links, documents and video (both links AND files). Here’s just a sample of what we support.

What do you do when I attach photos to an email?

If you attach one photo (of any size, even direct from your camera!), we’ll resize it to a web-friendly size and post it. If you attach more than one photo in the same message, we automatically create a good looking image gallery like this one:


1 of 12

What do you do when I attach music to an email?

We’ll drop the music into a web MP3 player so that your readers can listen to it right there in their web browsers.



What do you do when I attach a video file to an email?

We will transcode your video so that you can see it in a flash player right there in your browser. It will even play on an iPhone without flash.

We take almost all video files you can think of, and we’ll host the file too, so you don’t have to do any work at all. Posterous is THE easiest way to post a video online using email.



What happens when I put a URL in my email? Does it get linked?

We turn any URLs into links. But we try to do smarter things when we can.

If you paste a YouTube link, like this video of Kansas playing Carry On Wayward Son:

We automatically turn it into a YouTube embeded player for your new post:

We currently automatically embed players for the following sites: YouTube, Google Video, Hulu, Funny Or Die, Omnisio, MixWit, Justin.TV, Fliggo, Vimeo, motionbox, TED Talks, Viddler, Dailymotion,, Revver, TeacherTube, GodTube, seesmic, and Brightcove.

If you’d like more sites added, let us know.

What is autopost?

Are you on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and other networks? Don’t post to each of these places manually! Post to Posterous by email and we’ll update all the other communities you are a part of.


Now supporting…
facebook  Facebook
twitter  Twitter
flickr  Flickr
tumblr  Tumblr
blogger  Blogger
wordpress  Wordpress
typepad  Typepad
movable type  Movable Type
livejournal  Livejournal
xanga  Xanga

Autopost to everywhere
Just set up your other accounts here. The next time you post to posterous, we will instantly autopost everywhere else.

Facebook minifeed or status can be updated with your most recent posts. If you attach photos, we’ll automatically organize and post them into your photo albums.

Twitter messages will use the title of your post up to 130 characters, and then append a shortened url.

Flickr photos will be put automatically in your photostream. If you attach multiple photos, we’ll post them all in the order we receive them.

Blogs will be updated with the full content you send us. We’ll host your images, music and files, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Can my site be private?

Absolutely. You can set a password on your site so only the readers you want can see it. They don’t need to create an account to see your site, just enter the password you give them. Simple. More information about private sites can be found here.

You can also make a single post private by emailing it to [email protected]. We’ll send you back a secret URL to that post.

Can I make a group site?

Posterous is great for group sites. You can add your friends or family’s email addresses to any Posterous site you control. Then they email [email protected] to post to it. They don’t even need to create an account.

All posts and comments on that site will be emailed to all contributors instantly. It’s works just like an email list, but smarter.

Posterous groups are useful for families, sports teams, etc. to share photos and video. No registration required, no software to learn, no hoops to jump through.

How do I add tags?

Add tags simply in the subject of your email using the syntax ((tag: apple, gadgets)). This works in the bookmarklet too. You can see your tags on the homepage of your site and click on them to see those posts. You can also see what people are saying about any given topic.

Is there a bookmarklet?

Our bookmarklet is smart as heck. It automatically extracts photos, video, music, and text from the sites you are on. Get started and install it now.