We Are HK Founders: Norma Chu of DayDayCook


Norma Chu was born and raised in Hong Kong and now is founder and CEO of the Hong Kong-based startup DayDayCook.

She grew up in Seattle and graduated from University of Washington. Before going into the startup industry she was the head of equities at HBSC in Hong Kong.

The cooking app, DayDayCook began as a cooking blog and later became a big success with recipes and videos. Now, is focused e-commerce in the food industry, from selling its own sauces to delivering already prepare food.

In your own words what does your startup do?

We are here to spread the love for cooking to the young generation through the creation and distribution of fun video content.

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We Are HK Founders: Eric Gnock Fah of Klook


Eric Gnock Fah is president & Co-Founder of Klook, the startup’s name stands up for “Keep looking”. The aim of the company is to make less tedious the part of travel planning and organizing an itinerary at the same time offering traveling deals of the place people are planning to visit. Klook was named in 2015 number one as “Best new apps” in Apple Store.

Eric is from Mauritius; he went to school in US and started his career in Hong Kong in investment banking. He speaks 7 languages that he picked up along the way in his life.

n your own words what does your startup do?

Klook helps travelers plan and book activities, tours and local transfers online and on the go.

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We Are HK Founders: Catherine Tan of Notey


Catherine Tan, founder and CEO of Notey, was born and raised in Hong Kong. After university in the UK she worked in investment banking in London and Hong Kong.
Catherine told us that despite her 70-hour workweek she was Chair of the Women’s Initiatives Network in her firm and helped setting up an educational non-profit. During that time is when she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit.
Notey, the Hong Kong based startup is a blog-searching engine. The mission of the startup is to help readers finding the best blog for any topic.


In your own words what does your startup do?

Notey helps you find the best blogs on any topic! Whether you’re researching your next travel destination or following the Olympics, we deliver you the most engaging articles from across thousands of independent publishers.

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