Register Now for Social Media Week: Pitch Night on Feb 13 at Bisous #SMWHK


It’s the 2nd Social Media Week in Hong Kong, and to follow up on our super sucessful event last year we’re doing it again: PITCH NIGHT @ BISOUS ON FEBRUARY 13.

From the first one we did this time last year, to the Echelon Pitch Day at Bloomberg to the Pitch Night at Hyde, StartupsHK has provided the Hong Kong community with opportunities to showcase their startups to a very excited audience in hopes to bring more attention to the local tech startup scene.

This time its a more managebale 5 start-ups pitching in 5 minutes each, to a panel of 5 judges Shark Tank style.

The panel includes:

  • Andrew Teoh, Managing Director of Ameba Capital which looks at early stage tech startups in China and Asia. Ameba has already made numerous investments in 2011 and is looking to grow its portfolio in 2012.
  • David Wang, Managing Director of Golden Summit Ventures a Hong Kong and Slicon Valley based Venture Capital firm which invests in the consumer, games, internet and mobile sectors.
  • Derek Kwik, Founding Partner of BraveSoldier Ventures. His background combines over 20 years of venture capital, business strategy, finance and operational experience in technology manufacturing  

Rackspace is sponsoring prizes as well as Nokia.

The 5 startups we have pitching are:

  • Aftership
  • RealLifeConnect
  • Beyond Six
  • Popzeen
  • Openbar

The judges can and will make investments LIVE on the floor if they like the idea – and the event WILL be livestreamed – so stay tuned to @StartupsHK for the links or follow the #SMWHK hashtag on Twitter.

So if you haven’t registered you need to do so because this event sold out super fast last year and there will be no tickets at the door. 

StartupsHK is just organzing the pitches, the registration and event production is by Social Media Week – so we can’t help you “get in” if its sold out – so please register at this link now.

If you haven’t yet please follow us on Twitter here and join our LinkedIn group here.

See you on Feb. 13th!

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  1. Adrian Hoe says:
  2. UNCLEBOB says:

    Isn’t it Awesomeship ?

  3. Jonathan Buford says:

    It was AwesomeShip, but they were able to get, so changed it.