Watch Startup Saturday: Crowdfunding 2014 Hong Kong Panels on YouTube


Just in case you weren’t able to make it our to the Startup Saturday 2014 Crowdfunding event we hosted a couple weeks back, we wanted to forever immortalize those great moments and ideas in video.

Here are three videos of the Kickstarter Panel, the Hardware Manufacturing in South China Panel, and the Crowdfunding for Capital Panel. And yes, its taken this long and yes now you understand why we don’t usually film our events.


This panel kicked off the event and featured speakers behind four of Hong Kong’s most impressive Kickstarter campaigns to date: JUMP (compact charging solution), Phonejoy (Bluetooth gaming controller), Muku Shuttr (remote shutter release) and 3Doodler (3D printing pen). Speakers shared their pro tips on how to build a successful Kickstarter campaign and how its residual effects helped improve their startup’s brand.

Speaker list:
Chris Place, Native Union
Martin Kessler, Phonejoy
Kevin Leung, Muku Shuttr
Daniel Cowen, 3Doodler

This next panel, which was moderated by our own Casey Lau, introduced three disruptors in the Hong Kong hardware manufacturing space. These speakers discussed the possibility of moving hardware manufacturing back into Hong Kong and at which point should startups consider outsourcing the logistics side of their operations.

Speaker list:
Jon Buford, Makible
Julian Lee, Ambi Climate
Eric Pong, Red Hare Fulfillment

The final panel, which was moderated by our own Gene Soo, had three experts in their own field sharing their expertise. This panel explored the benefits of a startup using a crowdfunding platform to raise funds, the possibilities of building a stellar team by using crowd power, and whether Hong Kong’s legal environment is startup-friendly.

Speaker list:
James Giancotti, Bigcolors
Matthias Krostewitz, Fund2.Me
Eden McMahon, Dorsey & Whitney

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