Speakers Line-Up for Startup Saturday: Mobilliance 2013 on 12 October


Just one week to go before Hong Kong’s Biggest Mobile Startup Conference- Mobilliance 2013. Ladies and Gentlemen, Warm Up Please!

Today we are introducing you a group of speakers on the event who are all successful entrepreneurs made in Hong Kong. You will meet them and listen to their amazing talks on 12 October at our conference. We know you won’t miss it!

1. Simon Newstead – CEO, Frenzoo


Simon is CEO of Frenzoo, creator of the Me Girl™ series played by millions of women and girls. As a game designer he is about personal and playful entertainment. Prior to founding Frenzoo, Simon ran the emerging technology business for Juniper Networks Asia. Simon is originally from Melbourne where he studied engineering at University of Melbourne, and loves games, tech and reading. His industry blog is at iteratingfun.com.

2.  Mikaal Abdulla – Co-Founder and CEO, 8 Securities

4. Mikaal Abdulla

After 15 years of working for someone else Mikaal thought he finally got smart and started his own company, 8 Securities. His journey has taken him through Silicon Valley, New York, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and now Tokyo. Mikaal is passionate about all things consumer internet. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from Columbia University and the London Business School. He is also a mentor at Chinaccelerator and Accelerator HK.

3. Yat Siu – Founder & CEO, Outblaze


Yat Siu is a serial technology entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. He is founder and CEO of Outblaze, a digital services company specializing in gaming, cloud technology, and smartphone/tablet software development. In 2009 Yat sold Outblaze’s messaging division to IBM and successfully pivoted Outblaze from B2B messaging services to B2C digital entertainment.

He is a director for TurnOut Ventures, a partnership between Outblaze and Turner Entertainment, and he is co-founder of Animoca, a major developer and publisher of smartphone games. In 2012 he set up ThinkBlaze, the research arm of Outblaze dedicated to investigating socially meaningful issues related to technology. Yat has earned numerous accolades including Global Leader of Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum, and Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the DHL/SCMP Awards. He is a supporter of various NGOs and serves on the board of directors for the Asian Youth Orchestra.

4. Wai Lun Hong – Founder, Snaptee and Gobuya

12. Wai Lun Hong

Wai Lun Hong is a technology entrepreneur, who founded 2 Internet businesses, and bootstrapped Gobuya.com, from zero to US$5MM revenue. His current focus is on Snaptee which aims at realizing everyone’s creativity by empowering everyone the ability to design unique t-shirts. Snaptee is now getting over 100k designs from all over the world every month.

To Be Continued…

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