Startup Saturday: Mobilliance 2013 Speaker Deck Showcase

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Half of the awesomeness of the past Startup Saturday: Mobilliance 2013 (besides the rockstar startups) were of course the speakers – and while we prepare the videos of the talks from our event here are the decks presented by the speakers.

We specifically chose these speakers, not only because they are very passionate about mobile and that being based in Hong Kong they will give you the lowest-BS talk you’ll find about doing a mobile startup in HK, but because they are awesome. Every single one of our speakers is a leader in their respected fields and we are very honored to have them all speak.

We also want to give a big shout-out to Stephen Forte of AcceleratorHK, who made Mobilliance 2013 his last public speaking engagement in Hong Kong as he is bound for Palo Alto to launch Mach 5 – his new US-based accelerator with his company Telerik. We wish him the best, in his new endeavor and we don’t see it as losing one of HK’s startup connectors but rather we have one more person “on the inside” to help make intro’s in the Valley for HK startups.

OK, onwards with the presentations:


Junde Yu, the VP of outstanding data analytics tool AppAnnie elaborated the overall trends in Hong Kong and the international markets. Junde pointed out that in the Hong Kong market, iOS is the dominant platform in terms of market penetration 
on downloads and revenues, while Google Play has a share of revenues as same as downloads. He also showed us the top 10 publishers in HK by revenues, take a look here.


Art of the Pivot from Simon Newstead
Simon Newstead, CEO from Frenzoo showed us the art of pivot by showcasing a series of interesting cases. He gave us 6 pivot tips which are very useful for startups: 1. Pay attention to the feedback; 2. Extract the learning; 3. Reduce and Simplify; 4. Quick and Dirty Beats Perfect; 5. Hack Time To Learn; 6. Stay Strong. Learn the lessons here.
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The Mobile Enterprise from David Zhu

Co-founder of Divide(former name was Enterproid)David Zhu spoke about his goal of disrupting the enterprise. David showed an interesting formula saying BYOD + Consumerization of IT = Empowered Users and stressed out the needs for the enterprise mobility revolution. It was an impressive talk and really made us think over this topic.


Native VS Hybrid from Stephen Forte
Stephen Forte, CSO of Telerik, and also the co-Founder of AcceleratorHK presented an amazing talk themed Native vs Hybrid. In this talk, he compared what is changing in cloud, mobile and web. 
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Game Not Over from Yat Siu
Yat Siu from Animoca presented us his thoughts on how to lock new opportunities in the mobile startup scene. He showed us his rules on discovering the things that need disrupting which is quite interesting.”Imagine what wasn’t possible to make your mark” said him at the end of the presentation.
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