StartupsHK Teams-Up with Recruit.Net to Launch ‘Startup Jobs’ on Startbase.HK; A Job Board for Startups and Technology Companies in Hong Kong


On the startup side, finding the right people has been cited by Hong Kong founders as one of the biggest hiring challenges.

David Zhu, co-founder of Divide, says that although local talent is available, specialist roles in his NYC-headquartered startup might be tough to fill. “We try to hire talent that’s not local and certain specialized roles are hard to find in Hong Kong,” he said. “A big thing for us is culture –how we work is much more a Valley-style startup – so getting some of those attributes ingrained into the local team here is definitely a challenge.”

To address this problem, we’ve teamed up with global job search engine to create Startup Jobs on Startbase.HK – a job board focused on tech, creative and digital jobs to help connect startups with talent. We chatted with Doron Vermaat, biz dev head of Recruit, and he told us about his decade of experience in the online recruitment space and the inspiration behind Startbase’s newest addition.

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“The challenge is finding the right people, especially engineers and developers,” said Doron. “It’s difficult in Hong Kong to find people who are suitable and would like to work for a startup. After talking to Casey and Gene, it seems that a lot of startups have been asked them where to find, let’s say an iOS developer, and they haven’t had any specific platform to point them to.”

According to Doron, competing with financial institutions and their attractive compensation packages has been a sore spot for startups – which is why Startup Jobs on Startbase.HK specifically filters out banking roles. “It’s difficult for startups to compete with UBS or JP Morgan because banks can offer graduates a higher salary than bootstrap startups can,” Doron said. “So when we launched this job board, we wanted to make it a platform for startups – and we didn’t want them to compete with banking jobs.”

Combining StartupsHK’s community of roles with Recruit’s powerful aggregation technology, Startup Jobs on Startbase.HK will help bring great jobs and startup-minded people together. 6waves and Ambi Labs have already posted jobs – click here to check it out.

To show off that Hong Kong IS a tech hub we’ve included all technology jobs currently being offered in Hong Kong; so that people looking for tech jobs can see that Apple and IBM (but NO BANKS) are hiring as well as startups like Ambi Labs and 6Waves. on Startbase.HK:

Doron Vermaat on Startbase.HK: Doron Vermaat

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