StartupsHK Teams-Up with Recruit.Net to Launch ‘Startup Jobs’ on Startbase.HK; A Job Board for Startups and Technology Companies in Hong Kong


On the startup side, finding the right people has been cited by Hong Kong founders as one of the biggest hiring challenges.

David Zhu, co-founder of Divide, says that although local talent is available, specialist roles in his NYC-headquartered startup might be tough to fill. “We try to hire talent that’s not local and certain specialized roles are hard to find in Hong Kong,” he said. “A big thing for us is culture –how we work is much more a Valley-style startup – so getting some of those attributes ingrained into the local team here is definitely a challenge.”

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Startup Roundtable of IBM’s Cloud Event 2014: What Are The Pros and Cons of Starting a Company in Hong Kong?

We’ve spoken to investors and veteran entrepreneurs alike and advice for first-time founders is unanimous: when building your business, you need to think globally. Thanks to innovations such as the internet, social networking and the Cloud – it has never been easier to grow and stay connected with your customers and collaborators.

On Monday’s IBM Cloud Event 2014, leaders within the investment, hardware, gaming, web, mobile, social and co-work space community came together in a Roundtable discussion on the pros and cons of Hong Kong’s ecosystem. In an exciting nexus point for major startup scene players, the Roundtable was an opportunity for key IBM/SoftLayer execs to understand how they can help Hong Kong’s ecosystem.
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New Hong Kong Game Startup Play ‘N Pop Launches First Game for iOS


Play ‘N Pop, a startup in Hong Kong focusing on mobile and Facebook devices, recently released its first game, Guess This Pic.

This iOS trivia game challenges the mind to guess what an image is laid beneath clickable gray tiles. With only a few guesses and a select amount of letters, gamers are forced to rack their brains on what the image might be. With 1000 downloads in its first three days, programmer Ian Callaghan is looking into the near future to develop a new sensational game.

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