Hong Kong FinTech Startups To Watch


In the past month alone, Hong Kong has been hit with interesting FinTech news – with Bitcoin ATMs launching within hours of each other and investment incubator NEST teaming up with banking giant Barclays to create a London-based accelerator program for FinTech startups.

As many ex-bankers have leapt into the entrepreneurial realm in efforts to disrupt the finance space (with help from the internet and technology), we wanted to introduce several FinTech startups that are innovating in the online brokerage, peer-to-peer lending and Bitcoin options trading space.

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8 Securities Has 60,000 Customers, Holds US$1 Billion in Client Assets and is Cash Flow Positive

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Congrats to Mikaal and Mathias at 8 Securities for having CBS MoneyWatch cover their amazing success in such a short time:

“8 Securities believes its technology gives them a cost, scale and speed advantage that traditional financial services companies in Asia will be challenged to match. “The combination of powerful technology and a seamless customer experience across all channels is simply a must for any company that wants a future in Asia,” said Mr. Helleu.

8 Securities’ new frontier is online wealth management. The company is now preparing for the launch of an online wealth management service to compete directly with traditional banks, asset managers and advisors. There are now over 3.4 million high net worth individuals in Asia who hold over $10 trillion USD in assets. “Customers in Asia are evolving quickly but the banks and asset managers that serve them are not. It’s a perfect opportunity to challenge these traditional competitors by radically redefining the user experience and fee structure,” said co founder Mikaal Abdulla.

Looking forward, 8 Securities’ business has the potential to generate over 50% profit margins while reducing the fees charged by its traditional competitors by as much as 90%. “Our future in Asia is very bright. Our growth and the value we generate for our customers are perfectly aligned. We have a very large market opportunity in front of us and a very clear value proposition for our customers,” said Mr. Helleu. “We are actively pursuing new opportunities in China, India and the Middle East. Our technology is flexible enough to service both individual investors and enterprise customers. We are keeping an open mind with respect to how we launch our online trading and wealth management products into these new markets.”

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8Securities Co-Founder: “I Joined an Asian Startup Once, It Was Awful!”


After 15 years of working for someone else Mikaal Abdulla finally got smart and started his own company. He is the co-founder and CEO of 8 Securities and his journey has taken him through Silicon Valley, New York, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and now Hong Kong.

His recent post on TechInAsia.com looks at the trouble of doing a startup here in Asia:

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