Enterprise Tech Accelerator Venturetec Launches At The StartmeupHK Venture Forum


On the StartmeupHK Venture Forum of this week, enterprise tech accelerator Venturetec launched with the aim of bringing together the corporate and startup worlds. Venturetec is a 6-month accelerator program run in both Hong Kong and Sydney. It is also the first accelerator exclusively for enterprise technology startups in the Asia Pacific region.

The accelerator will accept its first batch of startups in early 2014 and will focus on building globally competitive enterprise technology companies. Venturetec is looking to capitalise on the lucrative corporate IT market, which Gartner forecasts will grow to almost $US3.9 trillion by 2014.
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Introducing SAP’s $400 Million Startup Development Accelerator for Hong Kong Startups


In celebration of SAP‘s 40th year, they’ve launched the new SAP Start-Up Focus Program to help inspire and energize startups, and the startup fund had increased to over $400m.

We sat down with Simon Dale to find out what is SAP doing for startups in Hong Kong:

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