‘Startup Weekend: EDU’ Comes To Hong Kong This Weekend


Startup Weekend: A whirlwind 54 hours where engineers, designers and ideas people collaborate and possibly build new companies. Besides forming groups that will put their heads together for the weekend, teams will also come up with a business model, validate their ideas and then pitch their ideas to a panel of judges.

Hong Kong has had seven Startup Weekends so far, spawning successful homegrown companies such as mobile logistics startup Aftership. Called ‘Awesomeship’ at the time, Aftership came together at a 2011 Startup Weekend – won the competition and raised a US $1 million Series A round from IDC-Accel in 2014. Startup Weekends are clearly a great problem-solving platform for incoming entrepreneurs, but why aren’t there more events geared towards specific problems?

To address this, Allison Baum of Fresco Capital Advisors has brought ‘Startup Weekend: EDU’ to Hong Kong. “Through my experience with General Assembly, I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the education system here – so I was excited to have the opportunity to create productive conversation around how we can use startup methodology and technology to solve problems people have been complaining about for a long time,” she said.

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Allison Baum Talks About Her New Role As Fresco Capital Advisors’ Newest Managing Director

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Alongside the wisdom Hong Kong startup scene pioneers have to impart, those relatively new to the ecosystem also bring disruptive ideas and much needed expertise.

Take the tenacious Allison Baum for example. After singlehandedly bringing New York’s General Assembly to Hong Kong against all odds, she’s now working alongside Fresco Capital AdvisorsTytus Michalski as their new managing director.

“I had really poured my heart and soul into getting General Assembly started – it was like my baby so it was hard to step away. But in many ways, it became much bigger than me,” said Allison. “That’s the most satisfying thing I think – that you’ve created something that can live on without you.”
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How General Assembly’s Allison Baum is Developing Startup Talent in Hong Kong


General Assembly, with the wide variety of classes it offers, has condensed the educational gap between those that know-how and those that don’t. Technology influences our everyday life tremendously, so it comes as no surprise that more people are looking to learn its language.

GA not only offers an educational environment but also builds a community where people can share their skills with those that need them. We connected with Allison Baum, Director of General Assembly HK, to get a peek inside what GA has in store for the rest of 2013.

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