Why Bitcoin Should Matter to You and Hong Kong


Almost everything in our life has been impacted by technology that changes the way we do things to be better, faster, cheaper, safer, and smarter—be it in transportation, architecture, communication, etc.

But, if we truly live in a globally-connected world, why are we still paying high middle-man fees, while our banking transactions still take around 3+ business days to go through (and God forbid if your signature on that bank document is slightly off for some reason that day)? There should be a smarter and safer way to make transactions.

In some ways, Hong Kong’s MTR-issued Octopus card has made daily purchases frictionless and fast. Making payments in bitcoins can be just as convenient, and unlike the Octopus that is only useful within the borders of Hong Kong, bitcoins work pretty much like cash without borders. You can use bitcoins to pay anyone in the world in any amount you desire, instantly—even to reload your overseas bank account or pay off that college loan you took out while studying abroad, at a fraction of the cost of traditional wire transfers. “Huge” would be an understatement when talking about the potential that the Bitcoin protocol has in disrupting the world of finance.

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CashYou, GateCoin Amongst 5 Hong Kong Startups Declared Winners in the ‘Talent Unleashed Awards’


Amongst deals, mergers and acquisitions, it’s been a busy year for Hong Kong so far.

The latest back-to-back exits of homegrown startups Divide and Cherrypicks is proof that the ingenuity of our entrepreneurs are stronger than ever before. Just when we couldn’t get any prouder of our burgeoning startup scene, the prestigious ‘Talent Unleashed Awards’ announced that it was extending its reach to include Hong Kong and Singapore. The aim of ‘Unleashed’ is to celebrate individuals whose impactful ideas could potentially change the world, whether it be solving business problems or helping a community in need.

While the overall winners will be chosen by the legendary Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak, our own Yat Siu was invited to represent Hong Kong as a regional judge. See more details on each award category here.

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