How to Get Bitcoins: A Fairly Comprehensive (Yet, To-The-Point) Guide

How to get BTC

The recent drop in Bitcoin’s price may signal you that it’s a good time to buy and invest in bitcoins. If time is money, then let’s not waste any time at all. You can own bitcoins or a fraction of a bitcoin by determining which of these three methods work best for your situation.

Buy Bitcoins:

Assuming you have some cash or money on hand, you can simply find an outlet/channel that can sell you bitcoins directly. Since cash is king (for now), this is the fastest way to get your hands on some bitcoins. This is further divided into three ways to buy:

Bitcoin Exchange: This option is especially ideal for those who intend to buy bitcoins as a speculative vehicle—you know: buy low, sell high, repeat. It is ideal because this is the most cost-effective way as exchanges charge much less in terms of fees compared to how much you end up paying if you buy from a bitcoin ATM. [Read more…]

Inside Bitcoin: Global Bitcoin Conference Tour Invades Hong Kong Next Week


Next week, Media Bistro kicks off their global tour for ‘Inside Bitcoin,’ stopping in nine innovative hubs such as Tel Aviv, Singapore and NYC – just to name a few.

It should come as no surprise that the first leg of ‘Asia’s Largest Bitcoin Conference’ starts in Hong Kong, the financial center that has been teeming with FinTech startups. Besides the launch of the city’s first Bitcoin retail store and the cropping up of ATMs all around town, entrepreneurs in the virtual currency space have been flocking to Hong Kong to build a startup, largely thanks to its relaxed regulatory environment.

With over 50 speakers running the gamut of Bitcoin investors, entrepreneurs and engineers, we sat down for a chat with Leonhard Weese, one ‘Inside Bitcoins’ speaker, to learn more about the virtual currency that’s taking the world by storm. See the full speaker list here.

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