Kim Terca of Clement Communications at #SUM May 16th

Last night Kim Terca (@kimterca) gave a presentation about PR and about things to consider when moving into the US market. 


This presentation was part of a trip to feel out the market over in Asia for Clement Communications (, who is a boutique PR firm in the US market. 

The talk covered the basics of PR and also some suggestions on what tends to work in the US market currently along with some basic key items to cover, such as making sure that things are written by a native English speaker. 

Thanks to Kim for coming to our meetup. 

If you are interested in finding out about other upcoming events, check out the list here:

BootUP! – 10 Lessons Learned from HK’s First Startup Weekend Incubator – BootHK – Hong Kong Startup, Maker, and Cowork Community


This last weekend (Nov 19-21) was the first startup weekend incubation event in Hong Kong ever, and things went really, really well. The event was a bit of an ongoing learning experiment and test of the new BootHK facilities, being the first major event we’ve hosted here in the month of operation. 

We had a total of 19 participants building startups over the weekend, along with many great local entrepreneurs who dropped by to help mentor and give feedback over the 48 hours (well, 50 hours, to be exact).

This is a bit more in depth writeup of what happened during the BootUP! weekend. Would enjoy hearing more from the participants to get feedback on their experiences.

Startup Mondays – Every Monday at BootHK


StartupsHK started out as Startup Mondays, an informal meetup of people in startups or starting their own. That lead to Startup Saturday less than 9 months later. Now that BootHK is open and we are not busy planning out the next conference, it is time to get back to the basics and start a new tradition for Hong Kong startups.

What: Startup Mondays – Come out and meet with other startups in Hong Kong, share what you are doing, get help with problems you are running into, and get feedback from peers and mentors. 

Who: Anyone that is currently running a startup company or is in the planning stage of starting one (please, no financial planners or startup groupies, just active startup entrepreneurs).

When: Every Monday, 7:30 onwards, bring dinner if you want, and you are welcome to stay and work on your startup after the meetup. 

The idea is that this is going to be a small and focused meetup, so don’t feel that you must attend each week. Also, if you have another time, such as during the day that is better, we can try doing different times if there is enough demand. 

If there are around 10 attendees, we will just have one big group, if more people show up, we will break it up into two or three groups to keep the quality high and duration short. That way everyone can have plenty of time to discuss what is important, but it won’t take more than an hour or hour and a half. 

After the meetup, stay and work on your startup, especially for those that are working during the day to bootstrap.

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