echelon 2010 Wrap Up Part 3 – Hackerspace and co-workspace

WOW! OK, that’s it, I’m done.


Really, the Hackerspace (@hackerspacesg) in Singapore is just amazing. It isn’t just the place itself, which is quite cool, but it is the community that they have attracted to it.

The Space

The location is around the Bugis MRT station, just off of Arab St. and has a whole hoard of restaurants serving up Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food along with a smattering of pubs and other things. It is located in the upstairs of two buildings which gives the space itself a bit of a hacked-together feel with the two spaces not being on the same floor level.

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echelon 2010 Wrap Up Part 2 – Singapore vs. Hong Kong vs. Asia

At first blush, there is a lot in common between Hong Kong and Singapore. Both are small countries with large populations, started as a trading port, and turned into financial hubs. But, looking into the startup ecosystem and communities of both, there are still many similarities, but it seems like Singapore is perhaps 5 years ahead of HK on the development timeline. 

Seed Funding

Similar: Both have government funding available along with various ways of helping to incubate or otherwise support startup companies. 

Different: In Singapore, if you ask, you can usually get $50K SGD ($300K HKD) for starting a company. In Hong Kong, the best we have at this level is the FFF (Family, Friends, and Fools). If Hong Kong is going to grow a vibrant and robust startup ecosystem, we need to find some way to fill this seed funding gap.  [Read more…]

Marc Nager: Money isn’t the problem! How to start a “Startup Ecosystem” | Greenhorn Connect


This certainly applies to HK and I’d imagine most of Asia. No one else is going to do it for you, just have to start somewhere and others will follow.