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Singapore is nice, but it’s not enough

April 6th, 2010 by Andy Croll

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I watched Sneha’s e27 interview with Adeo Ressi, and one of the things he said troubled me. Like it troubled me before.

“Any startup that is outside the US and not in a large market… faces the challenge of too narrow a focus. We met some Singapore companies that are focussing on Singapore and that is a very small market.” Adeo Ressi,

Singapore is a good place to live, it has it’s faults but where doesn’t? It’s basically clean, efficient and the sun mainly shines. And the food is amazing. Plus as a place to travel to and from it’s pretty much unbeatable.

The lifestyle, plus friends, plus a feeling that the web industry is on the verge of something and good local developers are all the reasons I stayed here and teamed up with Arun to start building the best sports league software ever (take that link Google-bot).

This is an interesting commentary post about an interesting interview discussing Singapore as a startup location. Especially what this poster has to say is quite relevant to HK as well, although our local market is about twice the size, but still similar on the order of magnitude level in comparison to global markets.

For me, I see HK (and similarly Singapore and other Asian startup locations) as being potentially a good place to build a business foundation. Looking at my own work, I’m looking at if I can get 1-2k local customers, that would be enough to keep going perpetually. And, for me, local customers would include businesses that are in the region, not just HK directly.

Would I want to stop there if I got the local customer base, no, but I think it is a unique opportunity to do customer development within a community that is physically accessible like HK. In most locations, you would be hard pressed to connect up with your customers that easily.

Echelon 2010 Deadline for Demo and Launching March 31st

The Echelon 2010 event in Singapore is coming up on June 1-2. It looks like several HK startups are planning on going to this event. If your company is interested in getting together with the Asia-wide startup community, meeting up with Geeks on a Plane, or want a local event to launch or demo your lastest cool product, you should consider coming. 

You can apply to demo or launch here (deadline March 31st):


If you just want to attend the conference, but not demo or launch, you can purchase tickets here: 

Echelon 2010 Tickets


Singapore sees the value of entrepreneurship | Grow VC > Blog

I have spent the last three days in Singapore. They have really hot season at the moment, almost 100 Fahrenheit every day. Someone said that it is hotter than for 100 years. And in Singapore it means hot! But I always like to be in this country; nice people and everything works.

SingaporeSingapore is one focus location for Grow VC, among maybe 6 other places in the world. The reason is that Singapore is an important hub in South East Asia, its government is very pro-business, it is one of the leading finance centers in the world, and it has also a lot of great young entrepreneurs. We, at Grow VC, are very much a global service, but for some practical reasons, it is important to have some hubs.

I met a lot of entrepreneurs, investors, governmental agencies, and other relevant people for startup funding. Governmental organizations, like iDA and Spring, are doing a lot of work to make Singapore attractive to entrepreneurs. They also have connections to other entrepreneurial center (that are also Grow VC focus places) like Silicon Valley and Israel.

I’m trying to see if I can organize a meetup they are in HK. Check out the post and the site for more info. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in meeting up if possible.