Startup Spaces: The Newest Co-Working Spaces in Hong Kong


In the past 18 months, co-working spaces have been cropping up faster than we can count them, addressing the issue of high rents and lack of space in Hong Kong.

This is great news for the local ecosystem and with this additional support feeding into the entrepreneurial community – more startups will get to cross the early-stage threshold.

As a new co-working space seems to launch every few months, this will serve as a working list for early stage companies and solopreneurs either looking for a space to collaborate on projects or seeking a community to nurture your small business.

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CoCoon’s Pitch Night Finals is This Thursday August 29


What has been building up for the past few month’s is Hong Kong Co-Workspace CoCoon‘s Pitch Nights – and it comes to a head this Thursday with the 6 finalists all coming together for the final fight up that results in cash prizes!

The 6 battling it out on the CoCoon stage are:

1. HotelQuickly 
An app to find and book last minute hotel in good deals

2. TaxiWise
An app to book a taxi or schedule a pickup, provides better taxi service and experiences to all taxi riders

3. Origin Tracker
A unique encrypted QR code which will be labeled on original goods and can be tracked from distribution to the end user using personal mobile.

4. Easy Pack
Helps e-shoppers to get 24/7 access to parcel by using the terminal lockers

5. Shopline
The social marketplace for individuals and small businesses of HK to easily buy and sell their goods.

6. Loc8Food
An app gives you a Unique Dining Experience and exclusive discount

Register here for tickets.

Happy 1st Birthday to The Hive


Time flies in Hong Kong when you’re in the Hong Kong startup scene, and we’re happy to wish The Hive – one of Hong Kong’s leading co-workspaces – a Happy Birthday as they celebrate their first year of operation in Hong Kong.

They are having a birthday party at their place in Wan Chai next Thursday, May 16 from 7-9pm with drinks and food – so if you have yet to visit the coolest co-workspace in Hong Kong now is the time to do it. You need to RSVP here by emailing [email protected]