RISE is Not Just a Tech Conference; it’s All About the Networking on the Ferry, Yum Cha and More!


Isn’t a technology conference featuring ‘startups’ also just listening to seminars or exchanging a few name cards?

Having chatted with Casey Lau, Head of Asia of RISE, we realised that RISE is not only constrained to the exhibition space and that it will bring the hype all over the community – a number of co-working spaces, on the ferry and even in a car. Startups can exchange intelligence and network even during karaoke or yum cha.

Such an exhibition sounds very interesting!

Aiming to facilitate the interaction and communication among exceptional startups, investors, and global media, RISE is an international startup event organised by an Irish team named Web Summit. Now in its third year, RISE is building on its previous successes and expecting 15,000 attendees to join this year. RISE is undoubtedly this year’s most well-known and anticipated startup event in Hong Kong.

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Next Bank Asia is April 16-17: Get 50% Off Tickets From StartUpsHK


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Do you want to…

  • Connect with the regions best banking minds?
  • Meet leaders from the biggest banking, consulting & technology brands?
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  • Touch and feel the coolest demos and products?

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You’re Invited to an Investment Workshop for Early Stage Startups On November 15 at Science Park


Organzied by the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park comes InnoAsia 2012 – a full 4-day conferences on innovation for green and healthy living.

The important date though for start-ups is the Investment Workshop – Workshop on Early-Stage & Late-Stage Term Sheets Preparation and Negotiation on November 15th from 9am-12pm.


The Workshop is designed for investment-seeking entrepreneurs/ companies and investors wishing to enrich and deepen their knowledge of the term-sheet structuring. Technical explanations of both early-stage investment (angel and venture capital investments) and late-stage (private equity) term sheets illustrated by real case studies will be shared by legal experts and industry veterans, to equip participants with the essential skills and tactics needed for term-sheet preparation and negotiation.

Where: Conference Hall 4-5, 2/F, Lakeside 2, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T, Hong Kong

Who should attend: Investment seeking entrepreneurs, start-up companies and investors

Language: English with Mandarin interpratation.

Agenda: http://www.innoasia.net/investment_workshop_programme.php



Cost: HK$800

Register here: http://www.innoasia.net/registration.php