5 Questions with Ling Cai, Co-Founder and COO of ZAOZAO


Ling Cai is the co-founder and COO of ZAOZAO, a crowdfunding platform for emerging designers. Prior to launching her own company, she worked at Gucci, Harper’s Bazaar, Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin and Intermix. An ardent supporter of rising talent, she aims to alleviate common problems faced by emerging designers such as lack of funding, recognition and sales.

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Entrepreneur communities are emerging in Hong Kong | Grow VC > Blog

Hong Kong has been as busy as usually. It has been a pleasure to meet a lot of entrepreneurs and people who are helping startups. Our main bank HSBC also has now their head office functions, including CEO’s office, here in Hong Kong. So, these days have been full of meetings with existing and potential users and partners of Grow VC. I was also able to visit in a famous Scandinavian-Finnish restaurant, FINDS, and get some Finnish food in HK, and meet some good friends, like Thibaud, Eric and Tomi, who also help me here.

Grow VC HQI especially like to thank Michael, Daniel, and Jonathan, who were interested to organize meetings on Saturday and also invite other entrepreneurs. Michael is actually working in Shenzhen and can help to create entrepreneur communities there too. It was also an honor to meet Charles Mok, who is very well known and respected character in HK’s Internet business community. In all these meetings we also talked about Grow VC’s concept to enable people to create their own funding network on Grow VC’s platform. We are looking partners to do it locally around the world.

I had an excellent meeting with Jouko on Saturday. I’m planning on signing up for their system and putting together a review of everything to cover what they are doing and what my experience with it is.