5 Hong Kong Crowdfunding Platforms You Should Know

At this point, you’ve likely backed a project or a cause via Kickstarter or Indiegogo and agree that crowdfunding is a great way to virtually collaborate a project’s funding or even purchase equity in a startup.

In anticipation of this weekend’s Startup Saturday: Crowdfunding 2014 on January 25, we wanted to highlight five Hong Kong platforms that are currently innovating in the crowdfunding space.

Register for this event here, and continue reading for more information on some of the players now working in the Hong Kong scene.
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5 Questions with Saeed Hassan of Crowdbaron

CSW Saeed

Crowdfunding may not be as popular in Asia as it is in other parts of the world, but that hasn’t stopped Saeed Hassan, founder and CEO of Crowdbaron from pursuing his goals.

Getting more people (besides the rich and well-connected) involved in buying real estate without the stress that accompanies owning property is the aim of Hassan’s startup. With 15 years of marketing, business and organization development experience as well as a firm belief in the power of crowds, Hassan explains his reasons to disrupt the traditional methods of investing in real estate.

We connect with Saeed and ask him more about his startup.

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