echelon 2010 Wrap Up Part 2 – Singapore vs. Hong Kong vs. Asia

At first blush, there is a lot in common between Hong Kong and Singapore. Both are small countries with large populations, started as a trading port, and turned into financial hubs. But, looking into the startup ecosystem and communities of both, there are still many similarities, but it seems like Singapore is perhaps 5 years ahead of HK on the development timeline. 

Seed Funding

Similar: Both have government funding available along with various ways of helping to incubate or otherwise support startup companies. 

Different: In Singapore, if you ask, you can usually get $50K SGD ($300K HKD) for starting a company. In Hong Kong, the best we have at this level is the FFF (Family, Friends, and Fools). If Hong Kong is going to grow a vibrant and robust startup ecosystem, we need to find some way to fill this seed funding gap.  [Read more…]

echelon 2010 Wrap Up Part 1 – The Event


So, what was echelon 2010 like for me? I’d say it was an awesome event, well planned with equally great people attending it. I think the overall theme was that Asia has a developing startup ecosystem that will support the needs locally and can expand globally. 

When I first signed up for the event, I never would have thought that I would have connected up with such a wide variety of people. I now have good contacts in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore that I didn’t have before. On top of that, with the tie-in of Geeks on a Plane, I was able to meet up with a great group of people from the US as well. 

My highlights for the event:  [Read more…]

Startup Exhibition echelon 2010: Asia’s Leading Web Technology Event Singapore

Ankoder singapore1

Ankoder is a cloud based video transcoding API enabling companies to easily integrate video functions into their existing web services. With its pay-per-use service, Ankoder enables web services providers to focus their time, resources and capital on developing their businesses, not on creating video encoding infrastructure. Ankoder provides all the ingredients required to get a video site up-and-running quickly, easily and successfully while ensuring that it will scale.

GrowVC united-states-of-america-usa1

Grow VC is bringing the first truly transparent, international, community-based approach to early stage funding. Grow VC can help mobile and web startup stars secure initial funding up to $1m USD. Grow VC also provides tools for the investment process and new transparent ways of doing things.

Muecs malaysia Muecs Co. Ltd. was founded in 2009, by two young entrepreneurs Benjamin Law and Billy Leung. The company are focusing in the areas of web applications and social media. Muecs is a location based service that incorporate social gaming elements. It allow users to share their location activities with friends in a gaming fashion. Muecs rewards people points and achievements by complete orienteering quests, or snap the moment in spots. Users may win an actual goods in the

TaskSee Hong Kong Email overload? Lost files? Long meetings? is a service that enables teams to work on tasks together with more visibility and less hassle. Easily and securely include customers or vendors in your workflow. Track and share versions for large files. Keep communication together with the work progress on a task, including notifying and receiving confirmation or comments via email. Reduce email to action items needing attention. See when a task or project is at risk, before it becomes overdue. See the status of a project at any time, not just during a weekly meeting. Includes both Chinese and English interfaces.

The list of companies demoing at echelon 2010 has just been posted. See the page for the full list. Shown are the ones from HK that are going.