Programming Project CodeClub Comes to Primary Schools Across Hong Kong And Needs Your Help


CodeClub, a project kicked off by volunteers who set up after-school clubs that teach young children how to programme computers. Aiming to instil the basics of computer programming into children aged 9-11, this project has been widely welcomed across the world. Now the good hearts come to Hong Kong to help.

These clubs will be built around practical hands-on tasks that will include children making games and eventually controlling robots. It aims to have 20% of the Hong Kong’s primary schools running a Code Club by 2014. How cool would that be?
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Free Mobile User Experience General Assembly Class for Startups


One of the reasons we’re so proud to call Hong Kong home is it boasts the highest smartphone penetration rate in the world. ¬†That means if you don’t like doing something from your mobile, you’re probably not going to do it that often. ¬†

If you want to learn more about what that means for your app or your startup, here’s a freebie class from General Assembly that covers the basics of the mobile user experience. Sign up here and they’ll send you the video before April 10th: Understanding Mobile User Experience.